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Best Books 2011 Break Down: Part 2

Over the next few days we'll bring to you a break down of our 2011 Best Books list, each day focusing on a group of contributors. Read the contributors comments on the Best Books page by clicking their name.

Todd Hido          Photographer / Professor
The Lost Album, The Latin American Photobook, The Unseen Eye, Believing Is Seeing, pretty girls wander
A, Redwood Saw, Richard Prince, Mark Morrisroe, Francesca Woodman

Darius Himes          Writer / Assistant Director, Fraenkel Gallery
The Photobook Review, La Belle Dame Sans Merci, Pontiac, TKY, Animals That Saw Me
Haiiro, Gomorrah Girl, A Criminal Investigation, Ama, Astronomical

John Jenkins          Founder and Publisher, DECODE BOOKS
One Day, Tooth for an Eye, Illuminance, La Creciente, The Unseen Eye
Photographs, Diane Arbus, On Thin Ice, in a Blizzard, Retrieved

Anne Kelly          Photographer / photo-eye Gallery Associate Director
The Bridge at Hoover Dam, Robert Adams, The Powder, The Unseen Eye, The Brothers
In the Face of Silence, Not Seen | Not Said, With Wes Mills, The Pier, Winter, The Heath

Anouk Kruithof          Artist / Photographer / Bookmaker
Dirk Braeckman, As Long As It Photographs, It Must Be A Camera, The Trash Humpers, Photos from Japan and My Archive, Out of My Mind… Back in 5 Minutes
People in Trouble Laughing Pushed to the Ground, It Chooses You, In Almost Every Picture 9
Also: Kruithof's "Wonderful Little Zinish Collection"
Destrukto, Causal Encounters 003: SPNDXBOI, A Color Study, A Real Misgiving, The Light in the Dark, with the Neon Arms
And not pictured: Kruithof's "virus-publications" Untitled by Anonymous and Signals Still / Ink (Book) by Penelope Umbrico

Kevin Kunishi          Photographer
Robert Adams, A, Waikiki, The Lost Photographs of Captain Scott, Portraits de Villes

Shane Lavalette          Photographer / Founder of Lay Flat / Publisher
People in Trouble Laughing Pushed to the Ground, Visitor, Nowhere But Here, Abstract Pictures, Seacoal
Subscription Series 3, Paloma al Aire, Parasomnia, A, Redheaded Peckerwood

Larissa Leclair          Writer / Curator / Founder of the Indie Photobook Library
Salt & Truth, Redheaded Peckerwood, A Falling Horizon, The Story of Four Generations, Photographic Memory
On Thin Ice, in a Blizzard, Iraq | Perspectives, History's Shadow, Visitor, Snowflake Twelfth

Melanie McWhorter          Photographer/photo-eye Bookstore Manager
Mexico Roma, Homage, Koudelka, Interrogations, Sicarios
A Living Man Declared Dead & Other Chapters, One to Nothing, The Half-Life of History, Redheaded Peckerwood