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Best Books 2011 Break Down: Part 3

The final part of the break down of our 2011 Best Books list, each day focusing on a group of contributors. Read the contributors comments on the Best Books page by clicking their name.

Raymond Meeks          Photographer / Publisher of Dumbsaint Editions
Summertime, Redheaded Peckerwood, Redwood Saw, Is This Place Great or What, Subscription Series 3, A Head With Wings
Robert Adams, Brut, A, A Criminal Investigation

Kevin Messina          Founder of Silas Finch
Ernst Haas, Fishing With My Dad 1978-1995, FY, Illuminance, Interior Relations
People in Trouble Laughing Pushed to the Ground, Soldier, Many Wars, Tooth for an Eye, Undisclosed, Summertime

Aron Morel          Director / Editor, Morel Books
Sunday, Celebrity, The King of Photography, Films, No Man's Land
Elad Lassry, Firework Studies, Incubi et Succubi, Arthropoda, I Heart Transylvania

Martin Parr          Photographer / Bookmaker
Paloma al Aire, Good Luck. Special edition with perfume, A New Map of Italy, C.E.N.S.U.R.A., God Forgotten Face
Happy Birthday to You, Illuminance, Looters, The Stage, Pass it On

Cliff Shapiro          photo-eye Gallery Associate / Photographer
La Creciente, Grid-Portraits, The Bridge at Hoover Dam, Double Life

Alec Soth          Photographer / Bookmaker
A Criminal Investigation, Paloma al Aire, In the Shadow of Things, Eden Is a Magic World, The Wedding
A, Photographic Memory, Illuminance, Dirk Braeckman, Happy Birthday to You

Gordon Stettinius          Photographer / Founder of Candela Books + Gallery
Hurricane Story, In the Picture, Within Shadows, The Vanities, Koudelka
Believing Is Seeing, Publish Your Photography Book, Core Curriculum, Deck of Chords, Photographs 2001-2009

Elisabeth Tonnard          Artist / Writer
No Man's Land, Visitor, Conductors of the Moving World, Other People’s Photographs, not pictured: Separations
Goethe, In Almost Every Picture 9, Visible Library, Four Seasons, Extrem Tourism