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Chaco Terada on Her New Work

Chaco Terada showing her new work to Allison, Rixon and Vicki
in photo-eye Gallery
Currently on display at photo-eye Gallery is a group exhibition that includes a few new images by Chaco Terada. We met Terada a few years ago. At the time she had recently started her visual exploration mixing calligraphy and photographic imagery. Each summer since her first visit, Terada has returned to photo-eye to share some of her favorite images that she has produced in the last year. Every visit is quite a treat. I have asked Terada to tell us a little bit about these new unique pieces.

White Dreams I and Her Silhouette II by Chaco Terada
“These are my recent works. However the photographic images were taken over 5 years ago. When I came back to these pictures I felt nostalgic feeling of time passing. I imagined reading a letter written but forgotten. I just wanted to give the touch of reply to myself of the past. I choose some words and a calligraphy style from Japanese classic. I enjoyed imaginary time travel through these works.” 
--Chaco Terada

See more of Chaco Terada’s work here

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