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photo-eye Artist Update

Empty Cage, 2005 -- Jon Edwards
We've just added five new images to the portfolios of Photographer Showcase Jon Edwards. In his portfolios A Life and A Way of Being, Edwards looks into the lives of people living on islands off the coast of Maine:
These individuals live simply, and demonstrate dignity and tenacity when, by choice or lack of opportunity, they are forced to survive under either the harsh economics or isolation of island living, or an increasingly difficult traditional way of life. They reside in remote or isolated beauty, and maintain a direct connection with the natural environment. -- Jon Edwards
See Edwards' work on the Photographer's Showcase here.

Petroglyph Panel, San Cristobal Pueblo, Galisteo Basin, New Mexico -- Edward Ranney
photo-eye Gallery artist Edward Ranney has been featured in the newest edition of Fraction Magazine. In Issue 34, the first of 2012 and marking the fourth year of publication, editor David Bram departed from usual focus on emerging photography to showcase seminal photographers who have influenced his personal work. Issue 34 can be found here, and the portion on Ranney here. See more of Edward Ranney's work here.

Shannon, 21, Boston -- Rania Matar
An exhibition of Photographer's Showcase artist Rania Matar's A Girl and Her Room opens at The Foster Gallery in Dedham MA on January 19th. A new selection of images from this series, as well as a new portfolio from Matar, will be available on the Photographer's Showcase in the coming weeks. The forthcoming book A Girl and Her Room from Umbrage Editions is now available for preorder -- including signed copies. See Matar's work on the Photographer's Showcase here.