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SMOKE # 1, Onomasticon, Bearing Witness (to AIDS), Hard Boys + Bad Girls
SMOKE # 1, a self-published book from the impressive Smoke Collective features the work of the seven photographers — all from different corners of the world — that make this photography collective one of the most unique in the world. In this volume, we are forced to gaze at the everyday and bare witness the extraordinary. From images depicting desperation to contemplative scenes of quietness, this book takes the viewer on a surreal journey.

Onomasticon: A Vocabulary for Nowhere by Ian J. Whitmore is a unique subscription series composed of 26 books. Currently in progress, this series is housed in a large cloth-covered book case. Along with this unique design, Onomasticon creates a new dialogue for contemporary urban and suburban landscape photography. Through its original design and stunning imagery, this book takes the viewer through the streets of America, deep into its ubiquitous, yet abstract spaces.

Bearing Witness (to AIDS) by Thomas McGovern is a thoughtful and sobering look into the lives of those living with AIDS. Compiled of photographs and interviews with people living with HIV/AIDS, this book highlights the individual as well as the political and social impact this disease has had on our society. Taken between 1987 and 1997, McGovern has put together a thought-provoking collection of images.

Also by Thomas McGovern, Hard Boys + Bad Girls takes a close look into the lives of professional wrestlers attending the School of Hard Knocks in San Bernardino, California. The wrestlers, always in character, are presented as their professional persona, while the interviews in this book explore their personal lives and aspirations.

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