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Photographer's Showcase and photo-eye Gallery Artist Update

Buggy 20 -- Bill Westheimer
We've just added 6 new images to Photographer's Showcase artist Bill Westheimer's Wabi Sabi portfolio. Westheimer says of his work: "I don’t capture what is there, but rather I liberate what I see. When my photograph of something familiar makes the viewer see it in a new and different way and use their imagination then I have succeeded. I love to photogram the small things that we often overlook: a weed, or a broken piece of glass. I pursue those things that are rejected, the trash and the detritus, because I enjoy the challenge of finding something exquisite in the ugliest garbage." You can see Westheimer's portfolio here.

The Half-Life of History
Mark Klett's book The Half-Life of History: The Atomic Bomb and Wendover Air Base, has just been reviewed by Dana Jennings for the New York Times. In the review, Jennings states: "Mr. Klett’s artful and striking photographs often parse the most minute details: a broken windowpane, a bent nail, .50-caliber bullets found at the machine-gun range. These fragments stand in for Wendover, just as the base stands in for the birth of nuclear destruction." You can read the review here. The Half-Life of History was selected as one of photo-eye's Best Books of 2011, and was reviewed by David Ondrik for photo-eye Magazine. Read Ondrik's review here.  Find more information on The Half-Life of History here.