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Kelli Connell on Head to Head and Carnival

photo-eye Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of photographs by Kelli Connell from her series Double Life. The exhibition runs May 8th through June 30th with an artist reception on June 1st

Kelli Connell's series, Double Life, appears to document the evolving relationship between two women. By combining multiple negatives of the same model, Connell uses digital imaging techniques to create constructed realities. We have asked Connell to tell us a little more about the making of, and her thoughts behind, two of her images.

Carnival, 2006 -- Kelli Connell
"This image is one of the few of the photographs in Double Life that was made on the fly. Almost all of my photographs are highly directed and choreographed, with a lot of pre-planning going into each image. With Carnival, my model and I were driving from one location to another and passed by a small carnival in a mall parking lot. We immediately turned around and made this photograph. What was challenging about this image was that the sun was setting quickly, so the exposure and color for the figure on the left was drastically different from the one on the right. There was quite a bit of post production work in Photoshop for this image to have it look as seamless as it does."

Head to Head, 2008 -- Kelli Connell
"This piece is about a reflection of, or twinning, of the self. The two figures' foreheads are touching which signifies a connection that evolves between two people when they are involved in a relationship for several years. It is important to me that the figures become almost a mirrored image to reflect how you can see aspects of yourself in your partner, and your partner can see aspects of themselves in you over time." -- Kelli Connell

ARTIST RECEPTION - Friday, June 1, 2012 4-6 PM
Exhibit runs May 8th through June 30th, 2012
photo-eye Gallery is located at
376-A Garcia Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Print from the Limited Edition of Double Life
See Kelli Connell's portfolios on photo-eye Gallery here

Connell's book, Double Life from Decode Books, is available in both a trade and limited edition. The limited edition includes an archival inkjet collage featuring an in-process image from the Double Life series. Find more here.

For more information on Kelli Connell's photographs, please contact Anne Kelly at photo-eye Gallery by email or by calling the gallery at (505) 988-5152 x202