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photo-eye Artist Update

Pyramid of S'mores Cereal, 2012 -- Ernie Button
We've just added five new images to Photographer's Showcase artist Ernie Button's Cerealism portfolio, a collection of landscapes and underwater scenes constructed entirely from the fun and familiar shapes, colors and textures that make up breakfast cereal. "Having lived in Arizona for over 30 years, [adult] cereals upon close inspection resemble some of the shapes and colors and textures of the southwestern desert. I began to construct landscapes that would utilize the natural earth tones of certain cereals. I placed enlarged photographs of actual Arizona skies in the background of the cereal landscapes giving the final image an odd sense of reality." -- Ernie Button
See all of Button's images here.

cover of A Girl and Her Room by Rania Matar
Photographer's Showcase artist Rania Matar's A Girl and Her Room project has just been featured on NPR's The Picture Show blog and includes a selection of images from the series and a short interview with Matar. You can read the post here. Matar recently spoke this body of work and the  published book of this series, published by Umbrage Editions, in an interview on photo-eye Blog, and the book was reviewed by Karen Jenkins earlier this month. More information on the book can be found here. View Matar's work on the Photographer's Showcase here.

Hiroshi Watanabe in Blink Magazine
Images from photo-eye Gallery artist Hiroshi Watanabe's FACES: Kabuki Players portfolio is featured in Issue 8 of Blink Magazine. A preview of the issue can be seen here. See more of Watanabe's work at photo-eye Gallery here.