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photo-eye Gallery: Kelli Connell Double Life Exhibition

Head to Head -- Kelli Connell
photo-eye Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of photographs by Kelli Connell from her series Double Life. The exhibition runs through June 30th with an artist reception and book signing on June 1st. Work from this exhibit can be viewed online here.

Kelli Connell's series, Double Life, appears to document the evolving relationship between two women. By combining multiple negatives of the same model, Connell uses digital imaging techniques to create constructed realities. The model acts out various fictional scenarios, with the characters' body language and clothing changing in each image. The work represents Connell’s investigation of identity, sexuality, and gender roles, as they shape and are expressed within intimate relationships. Through her photographs she addresses complex issues about visual rhetoric and the self.

Steve Fitch's work at the New Mexico Museum of Art
And if you missed our last exhibit,  Steve Fitch's Highway Culture, a selection of the work is now on display at the New Mexico Museum of Art. As always Fitch's work from the exhibit can be viewed here.

Purchase a copy of Kelli Connell's book Double Life here
See books by Steve Fitch here

For more information on Kelli Connell or Steve Fitch's photographs, please contact Anne Kelly at photo-eye Gallery by email or by calling the gallery at (505) 988-5152 x202