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A Closer Look - In the Fields of Gold

In the Fields of Gold

Poursuite Editions publishes great photography. Whether it is moody landscapes or a haunting narrative, there is usually an underlying thread that ties together the publisher's aesthetic taste. The striking correlations implied by publishing both Benoît Grimalt's unassuming Do You Know Syd Barrett  and François Deladerrière's L’illusion Du Tranquille provides insight into the intricate patterns that tie together all of Poursuite's titles. And having only published books for a few years, these objects have slowly grown in size and design quality.

The latest addition to Poursuite's catalogue, Miquel Llonch's In the Fields of Gold, is a modest book containing a cinematic series of landscapes and portraits. Taking refuge in the outskirts of his hometown of Terrassa, Spain, Llonch seeks the open fields that lay on the edge of the city's woods. The fields, their edges and obstructing roads become surreal depictions of the real world as the photographer captures their transition from day to night. Taking photographs at dusk and capturing the distant city lights, Llonch's images offer a clear depiction of escape from the mundane. Here the viewer witnesses the transformation from light to dark, a transition that carries an emotional weight and mysterious ambience.

In the Fields of Gold
In the Fields of Gold
Alongside the haunting landscapes are a series of portraits of the photographer's immediate family and close friends. Taken in the same setting and under similar lighting conditions, these portraits give a sense of place and weave a poetic vision describing the photographer's relation to land and family. In the Fields of Gold provides an interesting engagement of withdrawal and a need to belong. The book's appropriate and simple design alongside its lush printing heighten the artist's intent of depicting an affecting landscape that exists both as a place for emotional connection and necessary escape. -- Antone Dolezal

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