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Zoë Zimmerman on Her New Work

Just the other day photo-eye artist Zoë Zimmerman stopped by the gallery with box containing a new body of work. This body of work was originally set in motion when Zimmerman began exploring the theme of 'the dress' for an exhibit sponsored by The New Mexico Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Zimmerman explained, “I attempted to use the theme as a jumping off place to create small stories in which 'the dress' played a role but was not the main character.” Looking to make a few images, she ended up with a series of 10 including some nudes. In attempt to share part of my impromptu conversation with Zimmerman, I requested that she tell us a little bit about the small stories that inspired a few of these new images. -- Anne Kelly

The Prenup -- Zoë Zimmerman
The Prenup -- Lest we forget, a wedding is more than a simple celebration of the love between two people. It is also the occasion of the signing of legally binding documents. The Prenup is my illustration of the non-sentimental side of the marriage event. Ah, the dress, the flowers, the words of love… the daunting contract.

In preparation for the making of this image I transcribed the entirety of my own pre-nuptual agreement on the dress and realized, to my dismay, that I had never truly read or understood the document. It was a sobering experience. This photograph is an cautionary tale. It is hard to read the fine print when one is so distracted by the opulence of the dress.

Cruciferous Couture -- Zoë Zimmerman
Cruciferous Couture -- Cabbage holds a place of significance in my life in all it’s visual frippery. It has become part of my personal iconography. I try to include cabbage in any body of work I create, but, really this picture is just about showing off my prowess with the hot glue gun. All that money spent on art school has to pay off somehow.

The Empress’ New Clothes -- Zoë Zimmerman
The Empress’ New Clothes -- When given the theme 'The Dress' to work with, it was inevitable that I, being rebellious by nature, would create a picture in which no dress appears. The fairytale The Emperor’s New Clothes has long been a metaphor in my family for anything that reeks of inauthenticity or pulling the wool over the eyes of one’s audience. In the case of this image, no dress at all is the most beautiful dress of all.

Untwined -- Zoë Zimmerman
Untwined -- My model arrived at my studio in tears having just ended her marriage of eight years. In the original concept for this image there was no twine or sheers but considering the circumstances and in an attempt to go with the mood of my model, I included props which could simply illustrate the moment. She is literally cutting the ties that bind. The determination on her face shows her resolve to be free. -- Zoë Zimmerman

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