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New Images from Mitch Dobrowner

Monsoon Over Mountains, 2012 -- Mitch Dobrowner
We are pleased to announce that Mitch Dobrowner’s 2012 Storm photographs are now available.

It has been quite a year for Dobrowner, he won 2012 Sony World Photographer of the Year, National Geographic Magazine ran a ten-page spread devoted his storm work and his urban series was featured in Intelligent Life Magazine by The Economist, and Aperture will be releasing a book of his images next fall. As each image and storm is unique, I have asked Dobrowner to share a recent storm chasing story. This time he tells us about making the image Chromosphere in Timber Lake to Eagle Butte SD.

Chromosphere -- Mitch Dobrowner
July 16, 2012: After being on the road for close to a week, driving close to 5000 miles, we started this day near Bismark, North Dakota. After driving 3 hours (approx 200 miles) we first caught sight of this storm in the early afternoon. 
Standing in a farm field in Timber Lake, South Dakota we watched as the storm began to take shape, watching as its structure became more evident. To me these storms act like living, breathing beings; they are born when the conditions are right, they gain strength as they grow (ie: a baby), they turn violent and unpredictable as that start to mature - just as a young adult would (or at least like I did). They mature and stabilize and eventually age out and die.
Disk-Nightfall, 2012 -- Mitch Dobrowner
In this case, the storm was fighting against their environment. Not sure what to expect, we decided to drive south to chase after the southern, potentially the most unstable part of the storm. The hope was to find a cell that had formed and broken off (separated) from the main front. About an hour later (60+ miles) we arrived in Green Grass SD. As we stepped out of the van... in front of us was this amazing structured storm (the photograph Chromosphere). Standing in 50mph winds for I able to witness this storm take on its many different faces and forms. It was like watching Mother Nature painting the sky with clouds.  
It's always a surreal sight to witness a storm such as this. My hope is that my image can do justice to the experience of standing in front of one of this amazing force of nature.

PS: Much thanks to my guide Roger Hill for getting me into position to photograph this. -- Mitch Doborwner
Saucer-Field, 2012 -- Mitch Dobrowner
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