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Portfolio: Tom Chambers' Animal Visions

As The Crow Flies -- Tom Chambers

We are happy to release a new portfolio of work from Tom Chambers titled Animal Visions. Chambers continues his tradition of creating compelling and mysterious visual narratives with his camera -- but his new work gives animals a more prominent role in each frame, interacting with human subjects in surprising, unexpected ways. A young girl steps into a room to find a lioness lounging on a sofa. A woman holds up a mirror for a peacock to gaze at its own reflection. An elephant gently scoops up a young girl with its trunk.

Edge of A Dream -- Tom Chambers

The dream-like scenes are bathed in painterly light, making the interactions between human and animal feel meaningful and sacred. The wild animals become a symbol for an untamed, uncivilized ethos and represent the capricious nature that resides within us all.

The element of danger is a tool Chambers employs to create tension, but that tension is always resolved within the frame, juxtaposed with the softness of a girl's dress, her body language, or the way the animal playfully interacts with her. These are dangerous animals that clearly pose no threat to their human counterparts.

Burn to Shine -- Tom Chambers

Giving the animals a central role in the photographs is a shift for Chambers. Drawing a metaphor between the young subjects on the brink of adulthood and the unbridled spirit of the wild animals pictured with them, the photographs in Animal Visions are both personal and universal. These photographs invite us to delve into the dark waters of our own subconscious. While we're there, we relish the beauty of the unknown. --Erin Azouz

Late for Dinner -- Tom Chambers

"I had a lot of fun creating my new series Animal Visions, photographing animals in zoos and farms. In Late for Dinner, the young girl is racing to a mystery shrouded town or aerie, perhaps guided by the flock of birds flying overhead. I photographed the town Civita di Bagnoregio, a 2500 year old Etruscan village in central Italy. In another image Burn to Shine, a young woman protected by a herd of deer (or protecting the deer), is finding her way through the dark. In this series I hope to convey the appreciation that I hold for animals, whether furry, feathered, or scaled." --Tom Chambers

The photo-eye Editions limited edition portfolio Dreaming in Reverse/ Soñando Hacia Atrás, can be viewed here

Tom Chambers spoke to photo-eye's Anne Kelly about his work on the occasion of his 2011 exhibition  at photo-eye. Read the interview here.

For more information about Tom Chambers' photography please contact the gallery by email or by phone 505-988-5152 x202