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New in the Flat Files

Left: White Leaf by James Pitts, 4.5x3.5" edition of 15, $400
Right: Element IV by Chaco Terada, 15.5x11.5" one of a kind, $1200

The flat files at photo-eye Gallery house hundreds of photographs from over thirty represented artists working in a wide variety of techniques, from digital archival pigment printing to traditional wet darkroom printing. It is no small feat to experience our vast inventory with a single trip to the gallery. In an effort to shed light on some new work we've received by two of our artists, Chaco Terada and James Pitts, I've pulled together some images and information about their new work. The two artists are masterful print makers, employing different processes to describe the beauty and fragility of the natural world.

James Pitts: Clematis Flower & Two Buds, 5x4" edition of 25, $400
Seven Dried Poppies, 7x5" edition of 15, $500
Lisianthis and Drooping Bud, 5x4" edition of 25, $400

James Pitts
Dahlia in Spherical Vase
7x5" edition of 25, $500
Focusing on the traditional still life, James Pitts makes exquisite platinum and platinum-palladium prints, as well as archival pigment ink prints. For this selection of photographs, Pitts employs the platinum-palladium printing process, allowing for the greatest tonal range and most archival of any traditional printing method available.

The photographs are rich and warm and possess a presence all photographers hope for but only few can achieve. Pitts has certainly mastered this technique and his prints illustrate the craftsmanship he has attained in this traditional wet darkroom process.

photo-eye Gallery has received an impressive new inventory of these wonderful prints, which range in size (4x5" to 8x10") and price ($400-$1000). They will eventually be available through our website, but in the meantime, you are welcome to email Erin Azouz for additional JPGs, size, price and edition information. Additional work by James Pitts can be viewed here.

Chaco Terada: Nature Flow II (left), 9.5x6" one of a kind, $950
Calligraphy and translation on the back of Nature Flow II (right), signed by Chaco Terada
Chaco Terada
Origin of the Universe II
8x6" $950

Chaco Terada, originally from Japan, was trained at a young age in the art of calligraphy. She began mixing photographs and calligraphy printed directly onto silk which are then layered in a mat. At first, the calligraphy she used closely resembled traditional Japanese and Chinese characters, but recently Terada moved into meditative, calligraphic mark-making. Once her photographs and calligraphic marks are printed on the silk, Terada will go in with sumi ink to mark the images with additional unique gestures. The result is quite remarkable and each piece of one-of-a-kind.

photo-eye Gallery has an extensive inventory of Terada's work, some of which can be found here.

To inquire about purchasing prints or for more information, please contact Erin Azouz at or by telephone at 505-988-5152 ext. 114.