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Strip-O-Gram. By Sebastien Girard.
Strip-O-Gram self-published by Sebastien Girard

In 2007, Sebastien Girard set up an eBay notification for the keyword "stripper" and over the course of five years purchased thousands of amateur photographs, taken not in strip clubs, but instead American living rooms. The photographs depict groups of women interacting with strippers, capturing wide-eyes, hoots, laughter and some questionable behavior, weird and wonderful images that give a glimpse into a seldom seen segment of American culture and the objectification of the male form. Strip-O-Gram was selected as a Best Book of 2012.

When Sébastien Girard is not taking photographs (check his great trilogy books), he spends time on eBay purchasing photographs of domestic strippers in the US. Strip-O-Gram limited edition — with one book of domestic striptease photographs and the second one with text correspondence between eBay and Girard — is one of my best discoveries at Offprint Paris. The books are beautifully produced: Japanese binding, wonderful graphic design. -- Rémi Faucheux

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Strip-O-Gram. By Sebastien Girard.

Lange Liste 79 -97. By Christian Lange.
Lange Liste 79 - 97 by Christian Lange published by Spector Books

Lange Liste 79 - 97 is a remarkable document presenting the first 18 years of Christian Lange's life in photographs and the meticulous ledgers kept by his mother listing over ten thousand purchases. While the text is in German, the photographs and lists nevertheless make for an intriguing and unique narrative. Lange Liste 79 - 97 was selected as a Best Book of 2012.

"During 1979-1997, Gisela Lange kept meticulous records of her family's every activity, expense and tax paid. Here is her record of over 12,000 items, with photographs of her family and the products it consumed over eighteen years spanning two different political and economical systems in the former GDR and reunited Germany." -- Christian Patterson

"This is just great. A compilation of all expenses Christian Lange's mother made up till his 18th birthday, mixed with family pictures and images of the products she bought. It shows beautifully how inadequate economic reality really is, but at the same time how it can take over so easily. A very layered and compelling book that is beautifully designed and well thought through. Absolutely love it!" -- WassinkLundgren

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Lange Liste 79 -97. Photographs by Christian Lange.

Eleven To Liverpool Street. By Katha Stuke.
Eleven To Liverpool Street by Katja Stuke published by Bohm/Kobayashi

London is infamously known as being one of the most watched cities in the world with CCTV cameras mounted all over the city. It's a popular trend in the UK in general -- one report estimates that there is one CCTV camera for every 32 UK citizens. Katja Stuke's Eleven To Liverpool Street is a strange and voyeuristic document showing video portraits of pedestrians taken on a bus ride in London from World's End to Liverpool Street Station. Presented like a newspaper (though on much nicer paper stock), each photograph, mostly taken from that tell-tale downward angle, is reproduced at large scale including the vertical lines characteristic of video recordings. Most pedestrians pass by the camera without taking notice of its presence, making the few images where Stuke's subjects stare directly into the lens even more startling. The series ends with portraits of a few masked people, protesters who stopped traffic with Anti-G20 Summit demonstrations. Eleven To Liverpool Street is a notable artistic document of our culture of surveillance.

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Eleven To Liverpool Street. By Katha Stuke.