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Opening Today: Art Photo Index Inaugural Exhibition, Fear & Loathing

Kurt Caviezel

We’re pleased to announce the opening of Fear & Loathing, the inaugural exhibit in the Art Photo Index (API) online exhibition series curated by well-known professionals from within the art photography community and drawn from API’s extraordinary cache of images.

Created by Katherine Ware, curator of photography at the New Mexico Museum of Art in Santa Fe, Fear & Loathing includes 117 works by 94 photographers from 14 countries. Ware chose this varied range of images by extensively exploring API and selecting work directly from the site, as well as from submissions from the artists. The exhibition ranges from the horrific to the humorous, highlighting commonplace fears as well as worrisome world issues. “Combing through API for images is addictive and I found some startling images that I didn’t know about,” Ware said. "I tried to assemble a variety of pictures from the site into a fresh and unexpected context. I hope the selection and layout will offer an intriguing journey for viewers.”

Asger Carlsen                                                                     Keith Johnson

Rixon Reed, founder of Art Photo Index writes, “We are honored to have our first online show curated by Ms. Ware and we’re delighted to see how a curator can use the API resource creatively. To deal with the complexity of the show, our technical team worked hard to create an exhibition experience that is intuitive to use, appropriate to the work and scalable for any size screen, allowing for a combination of images and texts that can be flexible to fit each future project. ”

Art Photo Index is a visual resource of internationally acclaimed art photographers and their work. Over 3,300 artists from 48 countries are included in the index, along with artist profiles, website screenshots and nearly 19,000 images. It is a unique searchable index to contemporary photography.