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Photo Objects & Small Prints: David H. Gibson, Rachel Phillips & Curtis Wehrfritz

photo-eye Gallery Photo Objects & Small Prints: David H. Gibson, Rachel Phillips & Curtis Wehrfritz David H. Gibson, Rachel Phillips & Curtis Wehrfritz discuss their work in photo-eye Gallery's Photo Objects & Small Prints exhibition.
For our third installment, we're featuring the works of three photographers in our current exhibition at photo-eye Gallery, Photo Objects & Small Prints. This week, I've asked David H. Gibson, Rachel Phillips and Curtis Wehrfritz to discuss their work in the show. Read more about the work in this show here and here and stay tuned for more next week.

David H. Gibson
Cypress Island, Village Creek, Texas
Gelatin Silver Print
David H. Gibson
"The photographs in exhibition are made in the moments before sunrise - or just after. I am drawn to the edges of ponds, lakes, and streams when the warm water interacts with cool morning air. This condition produces wispy mist, rising fog, or sometimes a blanket of fog. Atmospheric forms evolve in unexpected ways from quiet movements in the air. The tonal range is continuous, with even transitions from the very lightest areas to those of greatest contrast. The light is quiet, and the mist and fog add a comforting presence. This is where I find poetry and magic in the land."
–David H. Gibson

Rachel Phillips' Two Cent Dame
Pigment Transfer to Antique Envelope
Rachel Phillips
"This series of photographs blends the domesticity of home with the joy of wilderness, the natural world. The paper houses and figures are built and cut from letters, postcards and envelopes saved through the decades in old shoeboxes by my grandparents and discovered in their attic a few years ago. The images are printed on old envelopes collected from around the world; artifacts from the last centuries. What did the envelopes contain? Where did they come from? In whose mailbox were they delivered? What stories do they tell?"
–Rachel Phillips

Curtis Wehrfritz
Curtis Wehfritz
He Speaks with the Raven First as a Boy, Then As a Man
Daguerreotype diptych
"My work deals with story telling. I utilize images that are drawn and cast to create a tableau for the viewer. In this series, a lot of the work deals with the idea of divining, finding water where there is nothing apparent to the naked eye. The diptych He speaks with the raven first as a boy…then as a man is a kind of live drawing that I constructed within my studio. The personal ritual of visiting the bird has become more elaborate and higher into the trees as he seeks out the same bird throughout his life. Daguerreotypes and collodion processes deliver a unique one of a kind relationship with the subject. I am intrigued by the power of vintage processes matched with imagery that can deliver a feeling of being out of time. The mirrors of Daguerreotypy create an image whereby the viewer sees the image floating behind their own reflection. This is much like looking into your reflection in a lake and seeing something float below you in the water below." –Curtis Wehrfritz

Photo Objects & Small Prints runs through February 1, 2014 at photo-eye Gallery. Please contact for more information, or call 505-988-5152 ext. 202.