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Photo Objects & Small Prints: Linda Connor, Jo Whaley & Ryan Zoghlin

This week, we're highlighting the works of three photographers included in our current exhibition at photo-eye Gallery, Photo Objects & Small Prints: Linda Connor's beautiful archival print on silk; Jo Whaley's exquisite, colorful botanical studies; and Ryan Zoghlin's whimsical orotone and silvertone photographs of hot air balloons printed on glass lenses of various sizes.

Linda Connor
O'hia, Hawaii, 1997
Archival Print on Silk, 60x40" Edition of 5

Linda Connor
"I first thought about doing my photographs on silk a number of years ago when I had the opportunity to have a show in Bali. The idea of sending large framed pieces to Indonesia was out of the question, and generally works on paper do poorly there due to the humidity. So, I experimented with images on silk, which I feel works very well with certain images of mine." –Linda Connor

Jo Whaley
Iris ser, Californicae, 2012
Archival Pigment Print, 12x9" Edition of 1

Jo Whaley
"Through dubious experiments, the scientific inquiries of botanical specimens are represented in these images. There is some truth to these fictions, however. For thousands of years, Man has been manipulating plants. Currently biotechnology and genetic engineering create new living products, while the ooze of ancient algae and zooplankton is formulated into petroleum, then plastic. The Anthropocene is the name suggested for the geologic time, which contains Man; who like Proteus, the shape shifter, restlessly reconfigures the very nature from which he springs. It is all a grand experiment, where the consequences are uncertain and potentially disastrous. As always in the history of the earth, with its cycles of creation and destruction, chaos reigns. Yet there is solace in the staggering beauty to be found in nature." –Jo Whaley

Ryan Zoghlin
Pieces from the Talisman series
Silvertone, silver-gelatin on glass lenses

Ryan Zoghlin
"[I made these objects] to be carried close to oneself, in a pocket or purse, for protection, courage and good luck. To take one's mind off of the more stressful parts of one's day. To create sentimental value as opposed to monetary."
–Ryan Zoghlin

Photo Objects & Small Prints runs through February 1, 2014 at photo-eye Gallery. Please contact for more information, or call 505-988-5152 ext. 202.