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Photographer's Showcase: Alan Friedman

photo-eye Gallery Photographer's Showcase: Alan Friedman's Into the Light photo-eye Gallery is pleased to announce a new portfolio from Alan Friedman, Into the Light.

Alan Friedman, Blue Sunburst
19x19" Edition of 15, $1600

photo-eye Gallery is pleased to announce the release of new images from Alan Friedman, Into the Light. We featured Friedman's work in our group exhibition, SOLAR, which ran in the Fall of 2012 at photo-eye Gallery. Gallery Director Anne Kelly interviewed Friedman about his process for our blog, which you can read here.
Alan Friedman's photographs of the sun have garnered quite a bit of attention. InsideHook ran a story about the exquisite sun photographs and Friedman spoke at TEDxBuffalo back in late 2012 about his work.

Alan Friedman
Left: Filamentary II; Right: Hanging Chad
19x19" Editions of 15, $1600 each

Due to recent advances in the technology used by Friedman to capture the images, they are now available in a larger size at 19"x19". I asked Friedman to talk a little bit about the new portfolio and the technology that allows him to capture such exquisite portraits of the sun. —Erin Azouz

Alan Friedman, Golden Fleece
19x19" Edition of 15, $1600
"Shooting the sun involves some planning and special equipment — a telescope, a safe filter that only allows a tiny portion of the sun's energy to reach the camera. The cameras I use are very different too. Taking close-up portraits of a very distant subject through the earth's atmosphere is a special challenge. Heat currents and high level atmospheric turbulence distort the view like a stone thrown into a peaceful pond.

"Trying to time a snap of the shutter with rare moments of steady air is virtually impossible. A video camera is the instrument of choice. But the sensors in video cameras are by necessity very small when compared to a still camera, making it difficult to achieve beautiful large images in high resolution. Recent advances have made some wonderful new tools available. The prints in my new portfolio are made using a new camera by the Canadian company Point Grey Research. It has a sensor four times the size of my previous camera, allowing me to record the full disk of the sun at greater magnification and in higher resolution than ever before. Used in combination with a new filter that allows me to see the sun at wavelengths in the near ultraviolet, I've been able to prepare images of the sun in a new light. I hope you enjoy them!" —Alan Friedman

To inquire about purchasing a print or for more information, please contact the gallery at 505-988-5152 ext. 202 or