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Books In Stock at photo-eye: Signed Photobooks In celebration of our moving sale we're sharing a ANOTHER selection of covetable in stock books. Order now for 20% off! Details inside.

In celebration of our moving sale we're sharing a selection of covetable in stock signed books. All books are in stock at the time of this post but many will sell out quickly! Place your order this weekend for 20% off!

Enter the code SPRING20 in the “Special Instructions” box at checkout. Offer valid Saturday, April 19th - Monday, April 21st. Discount will be applied when your payment is processed. Find more in stock titles on our website and select the "In-stock at photo-eye" option from the drop down box when searching. Find more information here.
By Guy Archard
$65.00 Signed

"In this book, Guy Archard takes me on a visual journey with his poetic photography, which ranges from portraits to landscapes, through still lifes or just simple colors. I really appreciate how he goes from concrete to completely abstract without trying to mimic painting and staying within the medium of photography." —Regina Anzenberger

Hide & Seek
By Beata Szparagowska
$38.50 Signed
Le Caillou Bleu

"With Hide & Seek, Beata Szparagowska goes beyond this theatrical literality and produces something quite different. She mixes the staged with the preparatory and the theatrical, adding elements of the macabre to create her own photographic performance piece." Colin Pantall
The Pink & Blue Project 
By JeongMee Yoon
$40.00 Signed

JeongMee Yoon's striking The Pink & Blue Project is a series of photographs featuring children surrounded by colored objects stereotypical of their gender — pink for girls and blue for boys. Beyond the exploration of a dichotomous experience of gender, the simple but unforgettable images speak to notions of consumerism and the socialization of children.
Censorship Daily: Netherlands - Iran
By Jan Dirk van der Burg
$21.00 Signed

"Censorship Daily is funny and fascinating, creating 'a new kind of images,' as Erik Kessels said in his Best Books statement. But it is also a document of how occasionally strange and silly expressions of restrictive totalitarian policies can be." Sarah Bradley
By Elisabeth Tonnard 
$50.00 Signed

The pocket-sized Oceanus marries found images of a rough ocean with excerpts of text from Samuel Butler’s translation of Homer’s Odyssey. Words bounce around the page, creating an intimate reading experience that mimics the feeling of travel.
By Gay Block 
$39.95 Signed
University Of New Mexico Press

Bertha Alyce is Gay Block's moving photographic meditation on her mother. Block photographed her mother for nearly 20 years until her death in 1991. The images are tender, but also reveal the complexity of Block's mother as well as the depth and at times difficult nature of their relationship.
Adam Fuss: Mask
By Adam Fuss
$250.00 Signed
Baldwin Gallery

"The approach Fuss takes is straightforward: He makes a photogram of each mask. The mask is placed directly on a sheet of unexposed light-sensitive paper, is exposed to light for a brief time and then processed to reveal the latent image. It is, in essence, the exact same thing that William Henry Fox Talbot did in the late 1830s. Fuss’s results are chilling. That which gives certain masks their power and sublimity and ability to frighten seems to have been encapsulated on the paper." —Darius Himes
By Jim Krantz
$40.00 Signed
Jim Krantz Studio

Made during five trips to Cuba, Cuba: Out of Time features a collection of black & white and color images of Krantz's exploration of the island nation. Krantz finds subtle beauty and humor, brought out by the careful sequencing of the book designed by Jamie Koval and Nicole Dillon.
By Jesse Burke
$35.00 Signed
Decode Books

Taking its name from the space between low and high tides, Intertidal provides a revealing look at notions of masculinity and manhood. Burke's portraits give us a view of men that we are not accustom to, depicting them with pointed complexity and emphasizing how masculinity relates to the individual.

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