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photo-eye Gallery: David Gibson and Chaco Terada

photo-eye Gallery David H. Gibson & Chaco Terada David H. Gibson & Chaco Terada recently stopped by photo-eye Gallery to present some of their newest images.

David H. Gibson and Chaco Terada at photo-eye Gallery in Santa Fe, NM.

On Tuesday August 26th Texas photographers and represented gallery artists, David H. Gibson and Chaco Terada stopped by photo-eye Gallery to present some of their newest images. This unveiling has become something of an annual tradition here at photo-eye, and spending time with these two prolific artists is simply inspiring. With artwork ranging from larger than life panoramas, to intimate handcrafted books, Gibson and Terada’s exquisite and refined images cover the gamut of photographic experiences.

David H. Gibson – 1256 Eagle Nest Lake, Aug 27, 2013 7:33 AM, 8 x 24 inch Archival Pigment Print

David H. Gibson – Sunrise Moments
Handmade Artist Book, 2014
David Gibson is a master of subtlety. In four new prints from the Eagle Nest Lake series, Gibson explores the how light and atmosphere alter an environment over time. Made within minutes of each other, these images exude a notion of quiet vastness while maintaining a unique and specific description. This is the power of photography. Here, Gibson is able to accurately render the truly beautiful, yet fleeting experience of sunrise at Eagle Nest. Form matching function, the prints too are an exercise in elegant understated detail. Soft and graceful, the images live in a rich array of midtones flirting ever so often with hues of blue and gold. Perhaps the best example of this is Gibson’s new artist book – Sunrise Moments. Presented in a clamshell and bound in black Japanese silk, Sunrise Moments presents 17 vertical panoramic images depicting the six minute sunrise over Eagle Nest Lake on August 25th, 2013.
David H. Gibson – Sunrise Moments
Handmade Artist Book, 2014, Interior

Perhaps most surprising for an artist primarily concerned with delicate ephemeral minutiae are Gibson's tremendous panoramic wall scrolls. Gibson brought two different images to show, the shorter of the two measuring 40 inches wide and twelve feet in height, and both depicting scenes along cypress creek in Gibson's native Texas. It is fascinating to witness these details at nearly life-size, and the prints effect is somewhat of a paradox: simultaneously overwhelming and serene.

David H.Gibson and Chaco Terada rolling out Gibson's Twelve-Foot panorama of Cypress Creek in Texas.

For more information on David Gibson, and to see more of the images from the 35 years he’s spent photographing Eagle Nest Lake, visit the portfolio here. Please come by the gallery to view either David's prints, or his outstanding artist book in person.

Chaco Terada – Stardust III, 2014, Multi-Layer Archival Inkjet Print on silk, 8.75 x 9 inches,  edition 1/3

Like Gibson, Chaco Terada’s work addresses notions of light, time, and space – but in a completely unique fashion. Printed on two layered silk screens bound and separated by mats, these monochromatic images of cherry blossoms literally hold light and space within the picture. Quiet and contemplative, the image changes ever so slightly as you move around it, reacting in space and allowing the cherry blossoms to fall and flutter as if in air or on water. Terada’s visual experience is captivating, speaking of transient states; giving rise to meditative moments.

View more of Chaco Terada’s portfolios here, and a selection of the new work will be on display in the gallery beginning September 26th. To appreciate the full effect of a Terada photographic object they simply must be seen in person. If you are in Santa Fe, a selection of these brand new images will be on display through November 15th, along side Homegrown, an exhibition of new work by Julie Blackmon.