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Best Books 2014: Blake Andrews

Best Books 2014 Best Books 2014 Blake Andrews Best Books picks from photographer and writer Blake Andrews.

By Shomei Tomatsu

A long overdue look back at post-war Japan through the eyes of a monochrome master, this work fertilized the field for much that grew later.
By Bertien Van Manen

Thirty years of rural family history photographed in Van Manen's inimitable style. Her command of the snapshot aesthetic balances on the edge of sober precision and drunken chaos.
By Martin Parr
Errata Editions

For me this is Martin Parr's strongest work, and one of the most adventurous and funny street photography books ever made. The original has long fallen out of print. This ain't it exactly, but it's the next best thing.
By Keliy Anderson-Staley
Waltz Books

Forget that these are tintypes. On A Wet Bough collects some of the most probing portraits I've seen this year. Unsettled, honest, and spattered with scars, like any typical human.
By Gordon Stettinius & Terry Brown
Candela Books

Two coiffure pioneers question identity and send up the studio portrait in this sharp satire. With faux-leatherette binding and an introduction from the infamous Dr. Manuel Moore.
By Joel Meyerowitz
Super Labo

I love me some early Meyerowitz black and white. Finally there's a nice big book of it. This is street photography in the most literal sense, shot from a car. Most other street photos seem rather pedestrian in comparison.
By Stephen Gill

Gill ventures once again into uncharted territory, returning with an odd book of visual puzzles. Originality has rarely seemed so accessible, yet beyond easy reach.
By Trent Parke

Trent Parke explores Australia, family, and the outer limits of dark contrast in this long awaited reprint mixing images both spectacular and mundane.
By Lee Friedlander
Yale University Press

A chronological history of Lee, Maria, and all that followed, with guest appearances by various photo luminaries. Play Spot-The-Famous-Shooter with whiskey shots while browsing. Doesn't get much better than that.
By Larry Fink

Elegant thoughts from a living master spurred by his own photos, this meta-manual takes its place alongside The Nature of Photographs and Why People Photograph as a simple classic.

Blake Andrews is a photographer based in Eugene, OR. He writes about photography at