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Best Books 2014: Roger Willems

Best Books 2014 Best Books 2014 Roger Willems Best Books picks from Roger Willems of Roma Publications.

By Stephen Keppel
FW: Books

Great edit with a sharp eye for unintended compositions and imperfection. Keppel's photography uniquely merges with its graphic representation.
By Viviane Sassen

Simply beautiful with a very distinguished use of color. Only very few photographers know how to do that.
By Daan van Golden
Walther K├Ânig

A meta-book showing pages of books with reproductions of Van Golden's photography. This fits perfectly to the artist who works mainly with reproduced images as source material.
By Olaf Nicolai
Rollo Press

Conceptually to the point; snapshots of a ruined building on newspaper stock, by an artist who's not a photographer in the first place. Photographers should be artists first.
Etude I: Input/Virgins*
By Hiroshi Takizawa

Self-published by the artist in a tiny edition of 50 copies, but definitely ready for more. Great sensitivity with an intelligent friction.

*This title is not currently available from photo-eye. Email us to be notified if copies become available.
By Felix Salut
Spector Books

First book by artist-designer Felix Salut. Pretending to be a film script, we look at a smart visual narrative. Although photography isn't even mentioned in the credits I consider this a great photobook.
By Monica Ursina Jager

At first sight this brutal photo-collage in an even more brutal design disturbed me, but after some time it caught me.
By Heikki Kaski

This debut of Heikki Kaski popped up after winning the Unseen Dummy Award 2013. I'm not a fan of community documentaries, but Kaski's directness and search for contrast brings it further.
By Johan Van Der Keuken
Van Zoetendaal Publishers

Another careful and devoted production by Willem van Zoetendaal with the legacy of Johan van der Keuken (1938-2001). Such a gentle work.

Roger Willems is an independent book designer and editor based in Amsterdam. He has run Roma Publications since 1998 as an informal platform for the production and distribution of art publications.