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Jamey Stillings
The Evolution of Ivanpah Solar #7986, 5 June 2012 – Jamey Stillings

Two weeks ago TIME magazine's LIGHTBOX photoblog features the work of Jamey Stillings and his project The Evolution of Ivanpah Solar. Olivier Laurent's featurette doesn't dig in to the details of the project, but does succinctly describe Stillings' impetus for photographing renewable energy, and the importance of documenting large public works projects. The article does exhibit 13 outstanding images by Stillings, including a few stunning color images of the Crescent Dunes Solar Plant near Tonopah, Nevada and the Desert Sunlight Solar Farm in the Mojave Desert.

Brad Wilson 
Eastern Screech Owl #1, St. Louis, MO, 2012Brad Wilson

Brad Wilson's Affinity project is receiving a lot of excellent press lately but we are especially thrilled about the coverage by Audubon Magazine and CBS NEWS. Audubon focuses on Brad's owl imagery, many of which were featured in this summer's Avain exhibition, profiling the owl's physical traits and natural habits. CBS NEWS showcases 25 photographs from Brad's full Affinity portfolio, including a few that haven't made their way to the photo-eye website yet. Three of these images are currently on exhibit in our Selected Works group show through April 3rd. 

Mitch Dobrowner
Salt Creek Mesa, 2014 – Mitch Dobrowner

In February Outdoor Photographer Magazine published a lengthy and in-depth interview with Mitch Dobrowner. In over 1500 words, columnist William A. Sawalich discusses process and intention with Dobrowner, covering the artists entire body of work including both Storms and Still Earth portfolios. The article includes a few great quotes by Dobrowner, and for those gear enthusiasts, OP illustrates Dobrowner's preferred camera, lens, and specific technical alterations that lend his images their signature look. 

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