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photo-eye Gallery: Selected Works – Laurie Tümer

photo-eye Gallery Selected Works - Laurie Tümer photo-eye Gallery's current exhibit titled Selected Works is a group show of photographic prints highlighting the diverse styles and subject matter embraced by photo-eye Gallery artists. This week we feature Laurie Tümer.

Selected Works is a group show of photographic prints currently on view at photo-eye Gallery highlighting the diverse styles and subject matter embraced by our represented artists. For the next few weeks, covering the duration of the exhibition, we are engaging the featured artists about their photographs inviting them to tell the stories behind their images.

In this week's Selected Works installment Laurie Tümer addresses the environmental inspiration behind her Glowing Evidence series. Since the exhibition opened, Tümer's shifting and glittering diptych Glowing Evidence: In My Study  has received extensive attention from gallery attendees. We asked Tümer to speak about her decision to use lenticular images, and the process it takes to create one.

Laurie Tümer
Glowing Evidence: In My Study – Laurie Tümer

"In My Study is an animated photograph — as you move around it, one image morphs into another. The objects on the shelves are an inventory of what I learned about pesticides after a close encounter with them in 1998. When I began this Glowing Evidence series the invisibility of my subject was my first challenge! After discovering photographs by the environmental scientist Richard Fenkse, I knew I found my muse. In his safety training of farm workers who use pesticides, florescent tracer dyes are used. After spraying, workers are illuminated under UV light in a dark room and photographed. These pictures, often abstract and creepy, show how particles migrate to skin under protective gear. The photographs motivate workers to follow rigorous clean-up protocols when they go home.

Once I learned to use these dyes, I wanted the seen and unseen in the same frame. What came to mind were those winky-blinky novelty cards — lenticular prints. My next challenge was to learn to make these. A lenticular print merges two or more images with an interlacing software. A convex ribbed optical grade lens is laminated to the print which makes the animation possible. Each rib on the lens is referred to as a lenticle, thus the term lenticular.

Invisible contaminants are pervasive, not just on farms — they migrate miles from their target and settle inside the sanctuaries of our homes and bodies. This is the story I am telling with this series and with each object on the shelves In My Study."—Laurie Tümer

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Selected Works is currently on view at photo-eye Gallery and will be up through mid March. For more information or to purchase prints please contact Gallery Director Anne Kelly at 505.988.5152 x 121 or or Gallery Associate Lucas Shaffer at 505.988.5152 x 114 or

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