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Video: Keith Carter on Ghostland & Kate Breakey on Shadows and Light

Video Keith Carter on Ghostland & Kate Breakey on Shadows and Light Photographers Keith Carter and Kate Breakey discuss their work currently hanging at photo-eye Gallery through August 22nd.

Blue Atlas Moth by Keith Carter  Common Yellowthroat Warbler by Kate Breakey

Keith Carter on Ghostland

Keith Carter's Ghostland is an extensive examination of the flora, Fauna, and folklore of America's Southern Swamplands. Carter took a moment with photo-eye recently to explain the evolution of his practice from traditional silver prints to the use of the 19th Century wetplate process, and how the change impacted his image making. In this video Carter also discusses the personal nature of his images — how life changes inform artistic decisions — as well as his enchantment an respect for the animal kingdom.

Kate Breakey on Shadows & Light

Earlier this month Kate Breakey sat down with photo-eye Gallery to speak about the 19th Century influence behind her newest body of work titled Golden Stardust. Breakey's Golden Stardust is a contemporary riff on the classic Aurotone, first pioneered by Sir John Herschel and features a collection of images made by Breakey over a 30 year period, each printed on glass and balked with 24k gold leaf.

Ghostland and Shadows & Light are currently on view at photo-eye Gallery through August 22nd.

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