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In Stock at photo-eye: Best Books of 2014

Books In Stock at photo-eye: Best Books of 2014 In stock titles from our Best Books of 2014 lists featuring selections from John Gossage, Eric Miles, Markus Schaden, Cristina de Middel and more.
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Forest Hills
By Bill Sullivan

"Printed in an edition of 500 with 2 cover versions Forest Hills is a book that follows the 20th century history of tennis and art, confusing and conflating their two stories in order to create a new kind of history. Once the center of tennis in America Forest Hills is now an almost forgotten world, a lost civilization of the sport. Bill Sullivan's book uses photography and image making to tell the story of it's rise and fall parallelling it's history with that of art and design. The book follows the history of the site and the stadium as it evolved through the various changes to its surfaces and trappings to its ultimate end. Functioning as an ahistorical/historical document, Forest Hills is a story about a real place as well as a long meditation on how this place and it's elements may have been viewed by people in the past over time. "—the publisher

Selected as a Best Book of 2014 by John Gossage

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19.06_26.08.1945 (Second Edition)
By Andrea Botto
Danilo Montanari

"Made by Andrea Botto, in the memory of his grandfather Primo Benedetti, this precious hand-made book traces his return journey from a Nazi prisoner of war camp at the end of WWII."—the publisher

Selected as a Best Book of 2014 by Eric Miles

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The Night Climbers of Cambridge
By Thomas Maileander
AMC Books

"The Night Climbers of Cambridge was published in 1937 by Chatto & Windus, a reputable house that had brought out the first English translations of Proust in 1922. The author was Noël Edward Symington, who went under the name of Whipplesnaith – an alias that combined the Middle English verb whipple, meaning to move around quickly, with an old Norse term for a piece of ground. The idea was that Symington and his accomplices moved quickly around the walls, roofs and spires of the colleges of Cambridge. They kept clear of commercial properties because those were in the public domain – where penalties might be incurred. Amongst the colleges they had only to cope with procters and the police, who didn’t take their misdemeanours too seriously."—the publisher

Selected as a Best Book of 2014 by Eric Miles and Manik Katyal

By David Magnusson
Max Ström

"Purity Balls are a relatively recent American phenomenon, and thus caught the eye of Swedish photographer David Magnusson. There was nothing like that in his country. He was intrigued, so he hung around some of the balls and gradually gained access. The resulting portraits are gorgeous. Each portrait shows a father and daughter (sometimes multiple daughters) embracing. The subjects wear their formal Purity Ball outfits, generally black-tie and ballgown. Using pre-dawn daylight with natural backdrops, Magnusson has imbued his photos with an ethereal glow. The tones are low-contrast, over exposed by a few stops, and given a cotton candy pink/cyan colorcast. I've never seen heaven but if I had to imagine a photograph of it, these would be close." —From the review by Blake Andrews

Selected as a Best Book of 2014 by Sarah Bradley and Markus Schaden

By Adam Broomberg + Oliver Chanarin
RM + Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo

"Dodo is the catalogue of an exhibition of the same name by artists Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin. The exhibition originated with the discovery of unreleased material from the motion picture Catch-22 (1970) in the storerooms of Paramount Picture.

Filmed on a coastline in Mexico, which more closely resembled the Sicily of 1944 than the Sicily of 1968 did, these images show the coastal landscape and fauna of the Sea of Cortez at time when it had emerged from its previous isolation but before its subsequent urban development. Broomberg and Chanarin have reedited the material of the film, set in Italy during the Second World War, creating a nature documentary about Mexico in 1968, the traces of a pristine landscape that no longer exists. " —the publisher

Selected as a Best Book of 2014 by Cristina de Middel