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Books In Stock at photo-eye Bookstore: SALE Four great deals on titles from Lisa Barnard, Anka Sielska, Frederic Brenner and Yukichi Watabe, all in stock at photo-eye Bookstore.
Hyenas of the Battlefield, Machines in the Garden
By Lisa Barnard, Eugenie Shinkle and Julian Stallabrass
GOST Books
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"This book is the outcome of a study by Lisa Barnard which took place between 2008–2013. Using photographs and film, it examines the “unholy alliance” between the military, the entertainment industry and technology, and their coalescence around modern-day warfare. From Las Vegas to Pakistan, and from Iraq to Hollywood, her work questions photojournalism’s claims to truth and the indecipherable, all-consuming nature of the industrial-military complex. Barnard connects her interest in aesthetics, current photographic debates around materiality, and the existing political climate in a tense and topical documentary. With essays by Julian Stallabrass and EugĂ©nie Shinkle."—the publisher

Salix Polaris
Photographs by Anka Sielska
$24.00 SALE: $19.20 Signed imprefect

"The Salix Polaris book came to being as the effect of a journey I made with Polish scientists to the Polish Polar Station, Hornsund on Spitsbergen (August/September 2012). The photographs taken there resulted from meeting people, whose lives are inseparably connected with science and nature. The title polar willow (SalixPolaris) is a small shrub only a few centimetres high. Its form resembles human nervous or circulatory system. It is strong, wind and frost resistant, and its fresh sprouts develop also under snow. "—the publisher

Selected as one of the Best Books of 2014 by Melanie McWhorter

An Archeology of Fear and Desire
By Frederic Brenner
$60.00 SALE: $39.95

"French photographer Frederic Brenner’s documentary images portray the complexity and dissonance of the people of Israel – a nation inextricably bound in faith and place. Historically concerned with documenting the Jewish Diaspo- ra and visual records of Jewish life, Brenner turns his gaze to the landscape of contemporary Israel, alive to the paradoxes of a people who overlap, compete and exclude – while at the same time capturing the vitality of the Jewish community. "—the publisher

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Stakeout Diary (Second Edition)
Photographs by Yukichi Watabe
Roshin Books
$60.00 SALE: $54.00

"Yukichi Watabe documented the investigation of a grisly murder that had occurred in Mito (Ibaraki Prefecture) in 1958. Watabe closely followed two police detectives, one from the Metropolitan Police Department and the other local. Their investigation involved stakeouts around downtown areas of Tokyo, areas that have since changed beyond recognition."—the publisher

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