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Japanese Photobooks Newsletter Vol. 1

photo-eye Newsletters Japanese Photobooks Newsletter Vol. 1 Volume 1 of photo-eye's Japanese Photobooks newsletter. Today we highlight titles from Issei Suda, Daido Moriyama, Keizo Kitajima, Munemasa Takahashi, Ryuichi Ishikawa and Masahisa Fukase.

 Kamagasaki (Magic Lantern) — SIGNED
Photographs by Issei Suda

This newest publication by Issei Suda encapsulates two projects both taken at separate intervals in 2000 and 2014. Both periods focus on the day laborer slum of Osaka.

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Color: 2008-2012 — SIGNED
Photographs by Daido Moriyama

Color contains a selection of 191 images which document Tokyo in-between 2008 and 2012. Images of street scenes, fleeting portraits and snapshots of Moriyama’s lived occurrences are visually placed within the new viewing context of color imagery. The resulting images present an exciting and stimulating viewing experience which lacks none of Moriyama’s provocative use of black and white imagery.

photo-eye is taking pre-orders for signed copies of Color. If our supplier runs out, orders will be fulfilled in the order in which they are received. The cutoff time for ordering in our shipment is Monday, October 12th at 12:00 PM MDT.

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Modoru Okinawa
Photographs by Keizo Kitajima

1975. Okinawa, Japan. The Vietnam War has just ended. Koza City is where the Kadena U.S. Air Force base is located. The B-52s that attacked North Vietnam took off from here.

With the end of the war the city becomes the epicenter of a celebrative rush that lasts for a few years. The city experiences a momentary crazed and raucous time. A cacophonic spell where Japanese culture collides and becomes intimate with African-American trends and culture.

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Laying Stones — SIGNED
Photographs Munemasa Takahashi

In 2014, a good friend of Takahashi's suddenly passed away. It was a suicide. Since 2011, Takahashi had not really worked on personal photography projects, but this incident prompted him to start shooting again.

There is a folk legend in Japan that says a child who dies before his/her parent is punished by having to lay stone after stone on the riverbed in front of the gate to the heaven, only to be demolished by a demon. The parent who lost the child will help out the child by laying stones to alleviate the child’s suffering. By laying stones himself, Takahashi wanted to turn the death of his good friend into an act of hope.

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Okinawan Portraits 2010-2012 — SIGNED
Photographs Ryuichi Ishikawa

"Something beyond my own will is captured in a photograph. Although I know that, as I talk and think about photography I am immersed in a lofty sensation, as if this was something that was always mine. But all of this is just an afterthought. It was really only an encounter with a photograph that could have involved that person in that place at that time." — Ryuichi Ishikawa

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The Solitude of Ravens - SOLD
A Photographic Narrative
Photographs by Masahisa Fukase

In this remarkable work, renowned photographer Masahisa Fukase explores the world of the raven, a constant presence in the landscape of his native Japan. He photographs ravens — singly and in groups — in every conceivable setting, both natural and manmade. His images are spiritually and emotionally powerful, endowing the raven with meanings that are sometimes exhilarating, at other times terrifying.

photo-eye is offering the 1991 Bedford Arts edition (the first English edition). This copy has slight scuffing to front and back cover and a slight vertical indentation running through the first few pages, otherwise very fine. photo-eye is offering this copy for $850. There is only one available and it will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

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