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Books In Stock at photo-eye: Signed Signed titles from Geert Goiris, Jon Cazenave, Ryuichi Ishikawa and Olivia Parker, all in stock at photo-eye Bookstore.
By Geert Goiris
Roma Publications

"Published to correspond with the exhibition ‘Geert Goiris – Flashbulb memories, Ash Grey Prophesies’ at Foam, Amsterdam, this signed and numbered, limited edition volume contains more than 40 black-and-white and monochrome images by the Belgian artist. The darkened pictures are seemingly devoid of visual cues as to time and space, and possess a strange, unreal attraction that generates potentialities for as yet unknown narratives, associations, and suspense. Their layered, sometimes sublime visual language oscillates in the area of tension between fact and fiction, whether the subjects portrayed are people, snowy landscapes, or shadowy objects."—the publisher

photo-eye has some of the last copies of this title available. Each book is signed and numbered and includes a print.

Picked as Book of the Week by Ying Ang

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Ama Lur
By Jon Cazenave

"AMA LUR is the closing chapter of Galerna, an investigation project that Jon Cazenave embarked on 8 years ago. In the course of these years, the artist has compiled a visual repertoire of the Basque people's idiosyncrasy and aesthetics, in an attempt to unravel his homeland's political intricacy from an anthropological perspective...

AMA LUR thus challenges the notion of the border and reveals a territory loaded with history and magic. Delving into the Earth's deepest recesses, Cazenave connects us with a universe that appeals to humankind's ancestral spirit and to our balance with nature, a belief system that still guides us to this day."—the publisher

Read the review by Colin Pantall on photo-eye Blog

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okinawan portraits 2010-2012
Photographs by Ryuichi Ishikawa
T&M Projects

"'I felt jealous of Ryuichi Ishikawa for an instant' —Daido Moriyama

First, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of those who stood before me and taught immature me about the splendor of living, the seemingly momentary sparkle of evanescence, the power of life with its ability to disentangle everything, and so many other things.

We become afterimages that are constantly passing each other somewhere and small enough to be buried in our memories.

One person is returning a movie they've rented,
one is accompanying their parents on an errand,
one is walking their pet,
one was drenched in the rain,
one has a habit of going to the same place at the same time every day,
and one is just sitting there resting."—the publisher

By Olivia Parker

"Still/Life features new constructed images and concludes with an illustrated summary of the artist’s forty year career. Designed by the photographer it was printed in an edition of 200 by Conveyor Arts.

'The unexpected juxtapositions and playful manipulations of light and texture that appear frequently in Parker's work have set her apart among her contemporaries. Her particular use of surprising and often contrasting elements within the framework of a still life create a dynamic space wherein the known and symbolic collides with the abstract and surreal, this friction sparking larger questions about representation and truth.'— M. A. Wholey, Artsy Editorial, January 14, 2015" —the publisher

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