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Best Books 2015: Hans Gremmen

Best Books 2015 Best Books 2015 Hans Gremmen 2015 Best Books picks from Hans Gremmen.

By Dana Lixenberg
Roma Publications

One of the most impressive and engaging bodies of work I have seen in the past years. Imperial Courts is a monument. Brought together and edited in a brilliant way: the book seems to follow a clear structure, but as the community itself, it is never dogmatic; it is alive, evolving and full of unexpected encounters.
By Mariken Wessels
Art Paper Editions

Many books have been made in the past years about/with archives of amateur photography. But Mariken Wessels takes this game to a whole new level. Carefully edited into a document that does not necessarily want to please the viewer, it challenges him/her to take a stand and by doing so, become part of this unique project.
By Geert Goiris
Roma Publications

The work of Geert Goiris has the unique quality of being completely different on the walls of museums, as in a book. On the wall his work directly shows the strong individual quality. But in the books Goiris manages to show the compelling layer between the photographs. Prophet creates a parallel world in which you want to get lost.
By Paul Kooiker
Art Paper Editions

Paul Kooiker seems to think and speak in photographs; his oeuvre is very recognizable but always new, fresh and surprising. This monumental book is exactly that: hardcover, foil embossing, sepia images: you think you already know it, but this book takes a new and surprising turn with every page.
Edited by Duncan Forbes & Daniela Janser
Spector Books

A very intelligent catalogue that accompanied the exhibition Beastly/Tierisch at Fotomuseum Winterthur. The book is designed in such a way that it seems default, but on the other hand almost over-designed. It is banal and academic at the same time, which is very effective: it makes you scratch the surface of the universal topic of the representations of animals.
By Erik van der Weijde

This document about a German village in Brazil maybe is the perfect storm for van der Weijde. All his favorite topics united: Germany, Brazil, Architecture. Mixed into a surreal cocktail of cliches, van der Weijde manages to create a world that looks like a scale model from forgotten times, that is slowly fading away in the Brazilian sun.
By Maurice van Es
RVB Books

I saw this work for the first time in 2013 and it has stuck in my mind ever since. The way van Es captures everyday life seems effortless, but it is done in such a way that you see things that you thought you knew in such a way that you never can see them again the way you did.
By Martin Parr & Wassink Lundgren

Simply a book that had to be made. The collaboration of Parr/WassinkLundgren has proven to be a golden combination. A standard work that is worth every kilo on your bookshelf.
By Ron Jude

For me this book is visual poetry. It is about a state of mind more then it is about an actual place, using the landscape as a visual maze to get lost in.
By Jason Fulford
J&L Books/Anthology Film Archives

One of the most joyful books of past times. It is about imagination, flying, big cities, collecting, history, modern day archaeology. It is about all that, and so much more. Brilliant book.
(c) Google Streetview

Hans Gremmen is a graphic designer and publisher of photobooks from Amsterdam. Besides this he likes to travel, think and write about the American landscape.

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