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Best Books 2015: Yumi Goto

Best Books 2015 Best Books 2015 Yumi Goto 2015 Best Books picks from Yumi Goto.

Here is my selection of the 10 best photobooks of 2015. This list composes what I consider to be great books, not only because they entail long-term research and in-depth investigation, but also because they challenge typical design and format. The audience can interact with the visual story narratives in these books, which also gives new voice to people and events through history and its consequences. The books not only have the value of great perspective, but they also show a new way of looking. They make us realize the new value of archival works created by photography legends.

By Christien Meindertsma & Mathijs Labadie
Thomas Eyck
By Katja Stuke
Fw: books
By Mark Duffy
By Cristina de Middel
RM Editorial / Archive of Modern Conflict
By Jochem Hendricks & Magdalena Kopp
Walther König
By George Shiras
Editions Xavier Barral
By Cor Jaring
Uitgeverij Hannibal
By Shoji Ueda
Chose Commune
By David Fathi
Maria Inc
By Jan Rosseel
Uitgeverij Kannibaal

Yumi Goto is an independent photography curator, editor, researcher consultant and publisher who focuses on the development of cultural exchanges that transcend borders. She collaborates with local and international artists who live and work in areas affected by conflict, natural disasters, current social problems, human rights abuses and women’s issues. She often works with human rights advocates, international and local NGOs, humanitarian organizations and as well as being involved as a nominator and juror for the international photographic organizations, festivals and events. She is now based in Tokyo and also a co-funder and curator for the Reminders Photography Stronghold.

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