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Best Books 2015: John Gossage

Best Books 2015 Best Books 2015 John Gossage 2015 Best Books picks from John Gossage.

By Christian Patterson
Koenig Books

Christian has always played in his books with the difference between context and the exactness of his pictures. This time a bit more context than the last (Redheaded Peckerwood), brilliantly beating the second book curse.
By Gerry Badger
Peperoni Books

Gerry is my friend and Berlin is my place. That said; I know of no other book that gets the feel of Berlin after the wall came down so exactly right.
By Laura El-Tantawy

The best debut photobook in a very long time.
By Alec Soth

Our storyteller; a photographer who took the risk of changing all the particulars of how his pictures are made mid-career and won the bet.
By Edited by Martin Parr & Wassink Lundgren

Martin Parr and cohorts have always been keenly interested in how pictures get used in books. Every kind of picture here, the good, the bad, and the boring, but also almost every interesting way photographs can be contextualized by a book.
By Doug DuBois

Wonderful pictures, as well as the brilliant idea to use comics to tell the kids’ story and keep you in their world.
By Allison Pappas & Yasufumi Nakamori
Museum Fine Arts Houston

The best Western catalogue to look at the “Provoke Period” of Japanese photography with understanding, not just appreciation. I learned a lot.
By Daniel Mayrit
Riot Books

When I hear that a book has “pictures taken off the Internet” I want to run away. But not when done this well. Riot Books is the best new publisher on the scene; everything they do is good.
By André Penteado
Editora Madalena

A book about something that went on in Brazil, but I don’t want to read the printed English text sheet. I just want to live in the full bleed color photographs. They are enough on their own.

*This title is currently not offered by photo-eye. Email us to be notified if copies become available.
By Sara J. Winston
Zatara Press

A book with little to recommend it. Not very well designed, only adequately printed, and spiral bound. Photographs with an eloquent sensibility, and the right story, make all of this not matter at all. A great book.

John Gossage: Still doing all the same stuff.

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