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photo-eye Gallery Artist Update, March 2017

photo-eye Gallery photo-eye Gallery Artist Update, March 2017 Updates from photo-eye Gallery Artists Hiroshi Watanabe, Jamey Stillings, Nick Brandt, Michael Kenna, Richard Tuschman, Linda Connor, and Bear Kirkpatrick regarding recent publications, exhibitions, and articles.

White Terns, Midway Atoll, 1999 – © Hiroshi Watanabe

Hiroshi Watanabe
Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant

photo-eye Gallery is proud to announce that represented artist Hiroshi Watanabe has been selected to receive a year-long grant from the esteemed Pollock-Krasner Foundation. Artists cannot apply for these grants and must be nominated and selected by committee. 

The Pollock-Krasner foundation was established in 1985 for the sole purpose of providing financial assistance to individual artists of established ability through the generosity of the late Lee Krasner, one of the leading abstract impressionist painters and widow of Jackson Pollock. Our sincere congratulations to Hiroshi on being chosen to receive this prestigious award. 

Jamey Stillings
International Photographer of the Year
First Place Winner - 
Editorial: Environmental (Professional)

Work from Jamey Stillings' Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project

International Photographer of the Year has awarded represented artist Jamey Stillings First Place in their Editorial: Environmental Professional category for his work on the Cresent Dunes Solar Project. Our congratulations to Jamey on receiving this honor!

The Cresent Dunes work, along with other images, are a part of Stillings' new project Changing Perspectives – an ongoing examination of renewable energy projects on a global scale. Work from Changing Perspectives is on view in LOCAL EIGHT currently installed at photo-eye Gallery through April 22nd.

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Richard Tuschman
Rangefinder Magazine Profile

The Potato Eaters, 2014 – © Richard Tuschman

Richard Tuschman's work was recently featured in Rangefinder Magazine in an article titled How I Light. In this piece, Tuschman breaks down the process and practice of lighting three of different works The Potato Eaters, Green Bedroom (Morning), and Couple in the Street detailing both the gear he used and the challenges he overcame.

"I want the light to act almost as another character, illuminating the inner lives of the subjects as well as their physical forms." – Richard Tuschman

Nick Brandt
Michael Kenna

50 Contemporary Photographers You Should Know 
Text by Brad Finger and Florian Heine. 
Prestel, Lakewood, USA, 2016.

50 Contemporary Photographers You Should Know Book Cover

This winter Prestel released 50 Contemporary Photographers You Should Know and photo-eye Gallery is proud to have represented artists Nick Brandt and Michael Kenna listed among a stellar group that includes photographic greats like Steven Shore, Sally Mann, SebastiĆ£o Salgado, and William Eggleston. 

Organized chronologically by year of birth, each photographer is introduced in double-page spreads that feature reproductions of their work and a perceptive and concise appreciation of their life and career.

Nick Brandt's entry from Prestel's 50 Contemporary Photographers You Should Know

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Linda Connor: Gravity
Florida Museum of Photographic Arts

Gravity, an exhibition of large-format POP prints by represented artist Linda Connor is on view at the Florida Musem of Photographic Arts through the end of March. If you're in Florida or making the trip to Tampa for Spring Break, make sure to see this beautiful work before the show closes.

"[Linda] is known for her luminous and iconic photographs and fascination with culturally sacred sites and landscapes. Her artwork reveals the essence of her subjects, yielding a sense of timelessness while visually evoking the intangible. She uses a distinctive technique: a large-format view camera allowing her to achieve remarkable clarity and rich detail. "– FMoPA

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Bear Kirkpatrick
The Billboard Creative

Ashely 3: The Triumph of Death, 2013 – © Bear Kirkpatrick
On View in Los Angeles last January
Photographer's Showcase artist Bear Kirkpatrick was selected to participate in The Billboard Creative's 2016 LA Billboard Art Project. Our congratulations to Bear for participating in this creative takeover in Downtown LA.

Under Creative Director and Creator Mona Kuhn, The Billboard Creative transforms remnant, or unsold, billboards into public art sites throughout greater Los Angeles.  Their goal in this work is two-fold:  to provide opportunities for emerging artists to share their work with a broad audience and to make art as accessible to Angelenos as the numerous billboards that we view every day.

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