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The gift of photography – for under $1000

photo-eye Gallery The gift of photography – for under $1000 photo-eye Gallery staff shares a selection of their favorite prints by represented and showcase artists under $1000.

Spider Chrysanthemum, Archival Pigment Ink on Glass, 24kt Gold Leaf, 4x4" Image, Framed, $950
© Kate Breakey

As the year winds down and the holiday season approaches we have been reflecting and revisiting images that have stuck with us over the years. Because we are lucky enough to be immersed in photography every day, our list of favorites is naturally rather extensive and in an attempt to prune the list down so that every image gets the attention it deserves we are focusing on photographs that are $1000 or less – prints that could be a great gift for others OR for yourself!  As we mentioned earlier this year in our Collecting Guide, setting a limit, like a budget or a genre, is an excellent way to center in on purchasing the right piece.

If any of the images speak to you, please reach out to us, we would love to tell you more about the images and the artists.

Anne, Lucas, and Savannah

Tom Chambers
Edge of a Dream
Archival Pigment Print
14x14" Image
Edition of 20

Laurie Tümer
Cloud No. 0001
Archival Pigment Print
5x3" Image
Edition of 10

Douglas Levere
Snowflake 2014.02.16.024
Archival Pigment Print
12x12" Image
Edition of 10

Karl Blossfeldt
Plate 111 - Campanula alliarifolia, Spurred Bellflower
10x8" Image

Amy Friend
It Could Be Anywhere
Archival Pigment Print
17x18" Image
Edition of 10

James Pitts
Clover Flower, 1994
Platinum/Palladium Print
11x8" Image
Edition of 50

Zoë Zimmerman
Origin, 2007
Albumen Print
10x8" Image
Edition of 24

David H. Gibson
Grasses and Reflections, Eagle Nest Lake, New Mexico
Gelatin-Silver Print
8x23" Image
Edition of 48

Limited Edition of A Clearing by represented artist Raymond Meeks – Hardcover w/ Slipcase & Artist Made Print
Silver Gelatin Print included in the limited edition of A Clearing

Raymond Meeks
A Clearing
Limited Edition Hardcover Monograph with Silver Gelatin Print
Nazraeli Press, Tucson, 2008. 48 pp., 34 duotone plates

The limited edition of A Clearing comes with a gelatin silver print (approximately the size of the hardcover book) housed in a clam-shell box in an edition of 25.


Rachel Phillips
Hoffeld Lake House
Pigment Transfer to Antique Envelope
4.5x6" Image
Pentti Sammallahti
Western Cape, South Africa, 2002
Gelatin-Silver Print
2.8x3.8" Image

Steve Fitch
Wakefield, Michigan, May, 1989
Archival Pigment Print
12x12" Image

Jo Whaley
Papilionidae, 2010
Pigment Ink Photograph
8x10" Image
Edition of 10

For more information, and to purchase prints, please contact Gallery Staff at 
505-988-5152 x202 or