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Gallery Favorites: Beth Moon's The Path of the Fox, and Introducing Juliane Worthington

photo-eye Gallery Gallery Favorites:
Beth Moon's The Path of the Fox, and Introducing Juliane Worthington
Our new Gallery Associate Juliane Worthington chooses The Path of the Fox as her favorite image from Beth Moon: Ancient Kingdoms.
Path of the Fox, Platinum/Palladium Print, 20x16" Image, 3/25, $2,400–Beth Moon 

Juliane Worthington
photo-eye Gallery Associate
We are proud to welcome Juliane Worthington to the photo-eye family as our new Gallery Associate. Juliane is a freelance writer and editor, paper artist, and mother of three. She was born and raised in Upstate, NY, has spent the last twenty years traveling and living in various parts of the United States and overseas, and now happily calls Santa Fe, NM home. Some of her favorite artists at photo-eye Gallery are Maggie Taylor, Michael Kenna, Carla Van De Puttelaar, and Beth Moon. As an introduction, we asked Juliane to write about one of her favorite images, The Path of the Fox, from our current exhibition Beth Moon: Ancient Kingdoms.
"In Native American culture the fox is a spirit animal who appears when a person is in need of determination. When I made the decision last spring to sell my hobby farm in Upstate New York and move to Santa Fe to pursue a career in art, the fox began to show up as a guide for me along the way. When I walked into the vaulted, white, open space of  photo-eye Gallery I was immediately drawn to The Path of the Fox, by Beth Moon. 
Moon captures the emotion of what it feels like to walk the path of life with exhausted perseverance, determination strapped to our backs. We feel lifeless in the struggle to find our purpose at times. We sit down in quiet places to rest, but the mission to survive is firm in our hearts. Even as we breathe through these laborious experiences, our faces still look to the future with a somber, resilient hope. 
What does it feel like to persist until the end? It takes bravery and courage to keep going. Art is a portal to another dimension of connection. Moon’s image will continue, for an unknowable amount of time, to reach out to others like me looking for some sign they’re in the right place. It's proof there’s a sort of magic that weaves itself through photographs and sculpture, through the words, mouths and hands of artists willing to listen. The Path of the Fox is evidence for me I'm not alone. I'm connected to the whole, and with determination, my dreams can come true." 
– Juliane Worthington 

The Path of the Fox is an image from Beth Moon's Thy Kingdom Come, a body of work focusing "on totem-like beliefs and practices connecting man to animal." In this semi-narrative project, Moon uses the ancient idea of animal spirit guides to imagine "a twilight world, united under a banner of ritual, we see evidence of devotion where all things are connected."

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Beth Moon: Ancient Kingdoms
On view through November 24th, 2018

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