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Holiday Gift Guide – Prints under $1,500

photo-eye Gallery Holiday Gift Guide
Prints under $1,500
The gallery staff at photo-eye have selected some of our favorite prints to fit your holiday spending budget.

The gallery staff at photo-eye have selected some of our favorite prints to fit your holiday spending budget. We hope wherever you are this season, you find a quiet moment to take in the beauty around you. All of our artists here at photo-eye have ordered their lives around capturing the moments that have impacted them across the world, through many subjects. Please allow us to pass on their gratitude for your support of their craft. Your patronage to the gallery allows our photographers to continue to do what they love. Many thanks and peaceful holiday thoughts from our hearts to yours.

Tom Chambers, Hide Your Eyes, 2018, Archival Pigment Print, 22x13" Image, Edition of 20, $950

Mitch Dobrowner, Lightning Storm and Homestead, 2017 Archival Pigment Print, 14x20" Image, Edition of 40, $1,500

Douglas Levere, Snowflake 2014.02.09.007, Archival Pigment Print, 12x12" Image, Edition of 10, $500

Tom Chambers, Seabird Mimicry / Mímica de aves marinas, Archival Pigment Ink Print, 14x14" Image, 1/20, $750

David H. Gibson, Cypress Island with Cypress, Village Creek, Texas, 1987 Gelatin-Silver Print,
 7x23" Image, 16x32" Mat, 3/48, $800
Kate Breakey, Five Birds in Tree, Archival Pigment Ink on Glass, 24kt Gold Leaf, 8.5x11" Image, 4/20, $1370

Tom Chambers: DREAMING IN REVERSE SOÑANDO HACIA ATRÁ photo-eye EDITIONS portfolio $1,300.
12 Archival Pigment Prints, Custom Engraved Aluminum Case, Limited Edition of 30

Ernie Button, Planet Whiskey, Planet Signet 181, Archival Pigment Print, 15x15" Image, Edition of 10, $950

Des Oiseaux, Photographs by Pentti Sammallahti. Text by Guilhem Lesaffre. Editions Xavier Barral, Paris, France, 2018.
120 pp., 66 black-and-white illustrations, 8x10¼". Hardbound: $60.00

Mitch Dobrowner, Saucer-Field, 2012 Archival Pigment Print, 14x20" Image, Edition of 45, $1,500

Tom Chambers, Marwari Stallion #1, Archival Pigment Print, 14x15" Image, Edition of 20, $950

Pentti Sammallahti, Hanko, Finland, 2014, Gelatin-Silver Print, 6.5x6.5" Image, $1,300

All prices listed were current at the time this post was published. 
Prices will increase as the print editions sell.

For more information, and to purchase prints, please contact Gallery Staff at 
505-988-5152 x202 or

On view through February 16th, 2019

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