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New Work: Mitch Dobrowner – Nacreous Over Badlands

photo-eye Gallery New Work: Mitch Dobrowner – Nacreous Over Badlands Mitch Dobrowner’s newest photograph, Nacreous Over Badlands, elegantly captures the ethereal bands of nacreous clouds above Utah's desert buttes.

Nacreous Over Badlands, Factory Badlands, Utah, 2019, Archival Pigment Ink, 20x30" Image, Edition of 25, $2500

In keeping with his acuminate style, Mitch Dobrowner’s newest photograph Nacreous Over Badlands is patient, elegant, and boundless in its sense of temporality. For this image, Dobrowner visited a specific site in Utah, waiting for the perfect instant in which the landscape would visually reveal itself in all of the exquisite, hostile, sublimity that he feels there. That moment arrived when he captured the ethereal bands of a nacreous cloud formation over the undulating folds of the desert buttes below.

“Nacreous” technically means iridescent, or glowing in bright color, and that atmospheric depth of value is strikingly captured in Dobrowner’s signature black-and-white style. In both earth and sky, every detail is crystallized in the photograph. Distant mesas show a shift in scale but are just as legible as the primary desert features of the foreground. The earth’s vastness beneath the firmament becomes blatantly apparent.

At the heart of Dobrowner’s work is the concept of perpetual ephemerality on a universal scale. In this particular image, the harshness and enduring stillness of the desert underneath striations of wind-blown clouds directly contrasts shifting changes of atmospheric motion with the seeming constancy of stone. However, just as the wind has swept up the shimmering cloud formation and carried it across the sky, it was also responsible for patiently carving the rippling rock formations. When viewing the photograph, the viewer becomes aware of the different scales and ratios of time that are constantly at work in the natural world around us.
"The deserts of the American Southwest have always been the inspiration and foundation of my photography. Particularly Southern Utah, which is a unique, special place. Its remoteness, serenity, and extremes are like no place on the Earth. I've visited this particular location, just outside of Capitol Reef and the San Rafael Swell, in the Factory Badlands many times -- always waiting for something to happen that would allow me to illustrate how this wild landscape spoke to me. In mid-March 2019 that something special took place. 
These badlands are part of the Mancos Shale formation; geologically they were created more recently than most other parts of the Colorado Plateau. The top of these buttes are formed of Emery sandstone, overlying the Blue Gate shale. The environment is hostile, devoid to any type of plant life. To experience it is like experiencing what it would be like to stand on an alien planet." – Mitch Dobrowner

Mitch Dobrowner
Nacreous Over Badlands, Factory Badlands, Utah, 2019

Edition of 15
14x20": starting at $1,500

Edition of 25
20x30": starting at $2,500

Edition of 5: 
1 : $5,000
2 : $7,000
3 : $9,000
4 : $11,000 
5 : Held by artist

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