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photo-eye Conversations | Mitch Dobrowner & Anne Kelly

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Recently, as part of our new video series, photo-eye Conversations, photo-eye Gallery Director Anne Kelly asked Dobrowner about his practice and most recent work.
Mitch Dobrowner has been photographing dramatic landscapes since his late teens. Moreover, working with professional storm chasers since 2009, he has traveled throughout America to capture extreme natural events, making stunning images of supercell storms and tornados. By waiting for the light and atmosphere to paint the landscape to his liking accented by his custom-modified camera and long hours in the digital darkroom Dobrowner has developed an unmistakable poetic style in the tradition of photography masters such as Ansel Adams and Minor White. With his high contrast expansive photographs of severe weather systems and towering majestic mountain ranges — with swirling clouds and sublime light — Mitch Dobrowner has perfected the craft of landscape photography. 
Recently, as part of our new video series, photo-eye Conversations, photo-eye Gallery Director Anne Kelly asked Dobrowner about his practice and most recent work. Ironically, a thunderstorm rolled through the Santa Fe area as the interview was taking place — it could not have been planned better! Watch this stimulating conversation below or on Vimeo

The Eastern Sierra Nevada has always been a major inspiration for me - and a reason why I started photographing the landscapes of the Desert Southwest. Owens Valley, the Alabama Hills and specifically the town of Lone Pine was one of the first areas I spent time exploring when I first arrived in California (30+ years ago). The sight and majesty of Lone Pine Peak and Mount Whitney is a spiritual experience. The Ansel Adams Wilderness and the history of the Paiute (Native American Tribes) resonate with me..... just as the Navajo people resonate with me during my journeys into Southern Utah and New Mexico. The image represents to me how I see and feel about this area. Because of all these feelings, the kindness of the local people and the rough, rustic lifestyle are some of the reasons I've also decided to take up residence in this amazing area. — Mitch Dobrowner on Sunrise Over Lone Pine

Mitch Dobrowner's work has recently been featured in the New York Times Magazine. His stunning photographs illustrate the extreme weather in the Córdoba Province of Argentina. Read the full story and view Dobrowner's extraordinary work here.

Artist Bio:
Mitch Dobrowner was born in 1956 in Long Island, Bethpage, New York. Worried about Mitch's future and the direction his life will take, his father decided to give him an old Argus rangefinder to fool around with. Little did he realize what an important gesture that would turn out to be for Mitch. After doing some research and seeing the images of Minor White and Ansel Adams, he quickly became addicted to photography. Years later, in early 2005, inspired by his wife, children and friends
he again picked up his camera. Working with professional storm chaser Roger Hill, Dobrowner has traveled throughout Western and Midwestern America to capture nature in its full fury, making extraordinary images of monsoons, tornados, and massive thunderstorms with the highest standard of craftsmanship. Dobrowner’s storm series has attracted considerable media interest (National Geographic, Time, New York Times Magazine, among others). He lives with his family in Studio City, California.
Mitch Dowbroner at photo-eye Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2017

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