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Gallery Favorites: Mark Klett | Seeing Time

photo-eye Gallery Gallery Favorites: Mark Klett | Seeing Time photo-eye Gallery
This week the photo-eye Gallery staff were assigned with the seemingly-impossible task of each picking a favorite piece out of this powerful and awe-inspiring exhibition.

Seeing Time: A Forty Year Retrospective, an online solo exhibition by renowned photographer Mark Klett, is the first in a series of our Gallery’s major online shows that use photoeye’s revolutionary new VisualServer X website builder.

Held in honor of his new book Seeing Time (University of Texas Press, 2020), this exhibition presents selected photographs from thirteen different projects, some never before seen. An artist of singular originality and vision, award-winning landscape photographer Mark Klett has built a profound and dynamic career that captures the space and history of the American West while evoking notions of time, perception, and cultural memory. 

The online show showcases approximately 100 images. Also, a selection of this work is currently on view at photo-eye Gallery in Santa Fe, NM. Contact the gallery at or 505-988-5152 x121 to schedule your visit!

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This week the photo-eye Gallery staff were assigned with the seemingly-impossible task of each picking a favorite piece out of this powerful and awe-inspiring exhibition. Read more on their selections below.

Gallery Staff Picks

Anne Kelly, Gallery Director:

Selecting a favorite image is always difficult, particularly when choosing from a brilliant artist whose career spans over 40 years, so I couldn’t help but pick two this time.

Image 1:

Mark Klett, View from the Tent at Pyramid Lake, NV, 2000, archival pigment ink print, 22 x 29 inches, edition of 50, $2400

A great photograph can have transformative power. I have developed a close relationship with this image over the past few months. Whenever I need a little escape, I take a moment with this image and imagine that I am waking up in a tent at Pyramid Lake at 9:45 am. A perfect little day dream to lift my spirits during a time when travel is uncertain.  

Image 2:

Mark Klett, Facing South, Sunrise at Black Rock, NV, 9/18/00, gelatin silver print, 16 x 20 inches, edition of 50, $3500

Having spent the past two decades hiking in the South West, I relate to this image. Much like the previous photograph, viewing this image transports me back to moments that make me feel truly alive. Taking in the view after a day of exploring.

This image is part of a series that began when Klett first moved to the South West in 1982 — naturally he started to explore his new home with his camera & Type 55 Polaroid film.

Patricia Martin, Gallery Assistant:

Mark Klett's Time Studies series is comprised of a group of small-scale photographs that have been described by the artist as "equations" that address the question about the connection between time and transformation.

Six quarter moons particularly stands out for me from the rest of the images in the aforementioned series. The photograph is a perfect blending of science and poetry. The composition plays abstractly with the technical possibilities of the still camera, capturing within a single frame moments of what our eyes would otherwise be unable to grasp — while the several delicate and bold golden lines formed by the stars and the waxing moon passing through the atmosphere read as if they were poetry verses. Like a celestial poet, Klett uses the light from stars and the moon to scribe lines across the sky. Six quarter moons is meditative similar to a Rilke poem. The image is a harmonious collaboration between artist, machine and the celestial.

Mark Klett, Peering Into the Window of a Small Sanctuary Near Villa de Ponte, 1995, gelatin-silver print, 16  x 20 image, contact for price


Mark Klett was born in Albany, New York, earned a B.S. in geology in 1974 from St. Lawrence University and an MFA in photography from the State University of New York, Buffalo, in conjunction with the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester in 1977. Klett has received fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, The Pollock-Krasner Foundation, and the Japan/US Friendship Commission. Klett’s work has been exhibited and published in the United States and internationally for over thirty-five years, and his work is held in over eighty museum collections worldwide. He is the author/co-author of fifteen books. Klett lives in Tempe, Arizona where he is Regents’ Professor of Art at Arizona State University.

Mark Klett: Seeing Time: A Forty Year Retrospective
On view through October 2020

For more information, and to purchase prints, please contact Gallery Staff at 505-988-5152 or