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New Images from Mitch Dobrowner: Lightning/Cotton Field and Saucer Over Northern Plains

photo-eye Gallery New Images from Mitch Dobrowner photo-eye Gallery
photo-eye Gallery is excited to announce the release of two new images by Mitch Dobrowner.

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This week, photo-eye Gallery is pleased to announce the release of two new images by gallery artist Mitch Dobrowner.

Mitch Dobrowner is a fine art photographer who has spent the better of the last decade accompanying storm chasers across the United States, making images as active and dimensional as the weather systems he photographs. The photographs from Mitch’s ongoing Storm series are immersive and rich in their depiction of the landscape, allowing the viewer to experience the immense sense of calm that Dobrowner channels in the field, even in the face of such sublime and dangerous storm systems. The artist employs digital darkroom techniques that allow him to render landscapes in a way that communicate his immense feelings of reverence toward the environment. 

Read more from Mitch about what these images mean to him below:

Mitch Dobrowner, Lightning/Cotton Field, 2021, Archival pigment print, 14 x 20," Edition of 15, $1500

The adrenaline of seeing Mother Nature during some of her finest moments will be ingrained in me forever. It is a humbling experience - and I feel fortunate to have witnessed her power and grandeur over the past 12 years. My experiences are hard to describe in words

During this last trip (July 2021) we traveled over 6400 miles in 10 days crossing thru 10 different states - all in my quest/passion to photograph these storm systems. But this time the events of the last year made me more aware, opened my eyes wider and had a different effect on me. The effects of Climate Change have become obvious.

The current patterns are changing and they are accelerating faster then anyone realized or predicted. Just over the past decade the characteristics of the Jet Stream and the Gulf Stream have changed. Pandemics, droughts, devastating heatwaves, wildfires, massive floods, rising oceans are accelerating. As I sit here in my house in Lone Pine, CA in 103 degree heat I can hardly see the outlines of Lone Pine Peak and Mount Whitney as they are shrouded in smoke-filled skies from the wildfires in Northern California and Nevada.

Humankind needs figure out a way to live in harmony with the Earth. If not for us, for the future generations. This planet has existed for billions of years... and its climate is fragile but also more powerful than we can ever imagine. If humanity cannot figure out how to respect planet Earth, the planet will figure it out for us, and the end result will be devastating. It's already starting to happen.

          - Mitch Dobrowner 

Mitch Dobrowner, Saucer Over Northern Plains, 2021, Archival pigment print, 14 x 35," Edition of 10, $2500

Lightning/Cotton Field is available in the following sizes:

14x20," Edition of 15 - $1500

20x30," Edition of 25 - $2500

24x50," Edition of 5 - $5000

Saucer Over Northern Plains is available in the following sizes:

14x35," Edition of 10 - $2500

20x50," Edition of 5 - $5500

34x85," Edition of 5 - $8000

Prints are currently available in the first price tier. Prices are based on how many prints have sold from the editions and are subject to increase.

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All prices listed were current at the time this post was published.

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