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New Images from Keith Carter!

photo-eye Gallery New Images from Keith Carter! Jovi Esquivel This week photo-eye Gallery presents new work by artist and poet, Keith Carter! For this new work, Keith has created extraordinary photographs from explorations made during morning walks, a practice he began during the pandemic through the marshlands west of his hometown, and a series of excursions through the wetlands north of Beaumont, Texas.
Keith Carter, Egret and Crane, 2021, Archival pigment print, 16x16”, Edition of 25, $1600 

Again and again, Keith Carter continues to create transcendent works that leave us in awe! photo-eye Gallery is pleased to announce new work by the artist and poet, made during the pandemic, through the portfolios Ghostlight and Sky & Water. Known for his black-and-white work, part of this new series is presented in color!

For over 50 years, Keith Carter has created images that move beyond the literal through the use of selective focus with scale and perspective often askew, illuminating the intuitive meanings of a scene as would a poet. When asked about the development of his personal photographic voice, Carter once said: “I come out of a documentary tradition, but after a while, I wanted to put my own stamp on things. It became clear, to me, that the subject matter I really cared about had to do with a sense of place, of geography, of the animal world, of the spiritual world and the elements of theology and folklore.”

Transcend through the dramatic effects of light, atmosphere and color found in Sky & Water. Celestial clouds are reflected in bodies of water, obscuring the line where the heavens meet the earth, evoking the sublime qualities found in the landscape paintings from the Romantic era. 

Keith Carter, Lone Pine, 2021, Archival pigment print, 16x16”, Edition of 25, $1600 

Explore wetlands from the south in Ghostlight, where giant trees shrouded in Spanish moss rest within what the artist calls "dark waters."

Keith is known to embark on the occasional "Magical mystery tour," an excursion by airboat on the Angelina River in Texas, where some of the photographs from Ghostlight were made! 

Check out the rest of Keith's Instagram to watch videos of alligators swimming, where I like to imagine the artist made “Turner Clouds,” and read excerpts from photographs like “Illuminated Tree!”

Keep an eye out for an update on the upcoming monograph Ghostlight, due to be released this Fall!

In the meantime, take a look at Keith’s work on our website.

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photo-eye Gallery is proud to represent Keith Carter.
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