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New Work by Artist Chaco Terada

  photo-eye Gallery   New Work by Artist Chaco Terada    Anne Kelly       New work by represented artist Chaco Terada
Since the beginning of photo-eye's relationship with Chaco Terada in 2007, gallery staff and collectors of Terada’s works have had the honor of witnessing her art-making practice evolve. Chaco’s process involves printing her photographic images on silk and adding handwork with Sumi ink. Each layer of silk is then stretched between an 8-ply matboard, like a canvas, so that each semi-transparent layer of silk interacts with each other — like a watercolor painting. This unique practice is the direct result of a curious moment when she picked up a piece of discarded silk and considered the possibilities. Terada's process has become more elaborate as she has mastered her craft and delved deeper into her musings. 
“My calligraphy is influenced by life experiences. When I create a brushstroke I think of the motion of water in a stream or the movement of a breeze. My lines do not create a word in the traditional sense, they interpret the meaning or mood that I feel the word represents. Before I depict the character of the word autumn, I would meditate on an autumn scene, and let the details that come to my mind direct my hand."
— Chaco Terada

Recently, Chaco visited the gallery to share works made over the last year — an annual visit the gallery has come to look forward to. Over the years the aesthetic of Chaco’s work has remained consistent, without getting stale and always providing surprises. While many artists credit “the world around them,” as their muse, I would specify that in the case of Chaco, she has a particular sensitivity, or curiosity about, the world around her that makes her visions particularly unique. As a solid example, I will bring you back to her curiosity about the discarded silk, which resulted in the process that she is known for today. photo-eye Gallery is delighted to share these new works by represented artist Chaco Terada today!

Chaco’s new works are introspective, while this isn’t a shift for her, when viewing the work I do get the sense that over the last few years she has delved just a bit deeper as the world around us has morphed from travel restrictions that have prevented her from visiting her home in Japan, resulting in more time spent in the studio, photographing closer to home and pulling images previously shot in Japan as a method of travel. Like many artists, Chaco took a step further inward, and as a result, I believe the viewer gains an even deeper appreciation for Chaco’s curiosity and imagination. 

In the new works, we experience a range of studies, from Cicada wings — who's summer song reminds her of her childhood in Japan, a series that includes self-portraits of the artist with cherry blossoms, studies on small loan houses around northern New Mexico titled The Poets House and some studies that take us back to Japan. 

Chaco Terada, For the Only 4, 2022, Sumi & Pigment Ink on Silk, 13x9", Unique Print, $4,200 

To learn more about Chaco Terada’s process, take a look at the fantastic interview in the link below. 

To appreciate the full effect of a Terada photographic object they simply must be seen in person. If you are in Santa Fe, please stop by during gallery hours or schedule a Virtual Visit here.

Print costs are current up to the time of posting and are subject to change.

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