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Kate Breakey Exhibition & Artist Reception; July 29th, 2023

photo-eye Gallery Kate Breakey Exhibition & Artist Reception; July 29th, 2023 photo-eye Gallery Discover the enchantment of Kate Breakey’s upcoming gallery exhibition. Hand-colored photographs and mesmerizing orotones unveil the beauty of everyday objects with intricate detail and a radiant, three-dimensional allure.

Kate Breakey, White Swan, Hand-colored Archival Pigment Print, 24x32", Edition of 20, $2,000

photo-eye Gallery is pleased to announce

KATE BREAKEY  /  Wondrous Things

Artist Reception: 4-6pm, July 29, 2023
On View July 29- September 30, 2023

“Making images of these things is a natural extension of being fascinated, touched, or intrigued by them. This process of seeing, and recording transforms me. It is how I express wonder and love, a form of dedication. It is also a record of my life and my desire to connect myself to all other things, the acknowledgment of a search for an explanation, for meaning and significance, a primal longing to grasp things which are unknowable.”
— Kate Breakey

Kate Breakey is an artist who finds inspiration in the beauty and complexity of nature. Her career has spanned 40 years, during which she has created art that celebrates the wonder of the natural world. As a child growing up in coastal Australia, Kate was fascinated by the ocean, big skies and the wildlife that surrounded her. Frequent visits to the natural history museum further fueled her curiosity, as she marveled at the labeled and classified displays of birds and shells in glass cases. The diversity of life filled her with amazement and wonder.

Clockwise from center: Night Snake, Scotch Bonnet Shell, Vervet Monkey Skull, Kelp, Money Tree Leaf, Mexican Bird of Paradise, Horned Lizard, Leopard Moth, Horseshoe Crab, Cicada

This exhibit showcases a collection of recent hand-colored photographs and contemporary orotones. The images capture the beauty of everyday objects, including still-lifes, dried flowers, insects, lizards, ravens, landscapes, fruits, vegetables and even the moon. Each piece is unique and incorporates handwork, blending photography and painting. The hand-colored images exhibit intricate detail, drawing the viewer in to appreciate every aspect, from petals to feathers. The framed orotones are stunning objects, radiating a warm hue even in dimly lit settings. The combination of glass, image and gold leaf creates a unique three-dimensional quality.

Kate Breakey, Plum Creek, Texas I, Hand-colored Archival Pigment Print, 24x36", Edition of 20. $2,000

photo-eye Gallery is proud to represent artist Kate Breakey.

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Kate Breakey was born in Adelaide, Australia, and received her MFA in photography from the University of Texas, Austin in 1991. Breakey is known for working in a multitude of photographic techniques, including large-scale, hand-colored archival pigment prints, gold-leaf-backed Orotones printed on glass, and hand-embroidered images printed on silk. Since 1981 her work has appeared in more than 120 solo exhibitions and more than 50 group exhibitions in the United States, France, Japan, Australia, China, and New Zealand.

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