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Portfolio Spotlight: Terri Weifenbach's CLOUD PHYSICS

photo-eye Gallery Portfolio Spotlight - Terri Weifenbach's CLOUD PHYSICS Delaney Hoffman
This week we're thrilled to release Terri Weifenbach's newest work, Cloud Physics in print form! Click here to read more about the work and take a look at some of the beautiful images from Weifenbach's extended (and extensive!) project.

Terri Weifenbach, Paris, France, 08/20/19, Archival pigment print, 16x23", $3700

photo-eye Gallery is thrilled to launch Terri Weifenbach's newest portfolio, Cloud Physics, in print form.

Cloud Physics began as a book project, which is characteristic for Terri Weifenbach, who has been working in the realm of artist books for her entire career. The work was funded by a 2015 Guggenheim Fellowship, which enabled the physical production of this project as well as the making of images at the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Research Facility (ARM) in Oklahoma.

"Cloud physics" is a legitimate field of study dating back to the 19th century, though curious minds have been looking to the sky and wondering about weather since the 14th century (and probably [definitely] before). In Cloud Physics' accompanying text, Luce Lebart states that "cloud physics refers to the field of atmospheric science, focusing on the processes that produce clouds as well as precipitations, be they liquids (drizzle, rain, showers), solids (snow, ice pellets, hailstones) or deposits (dew, frost, rime ice)."

It's interesting how disparate the experience of nature can be from its statistical realities. This is something that Weifenbach explores through the juxtaposition of instruments that measure climate with gentle, magical moments in the natural world. These images span continents and conditions while still being rooted in the artist's rich color palette and masterful selective focus.

Explore images from the portfolio or learn more about Terri Weifenbach below!

Terri Weifenbach, Paris, France, 07/12/19, Archival pigment print, 23x16", $3700

Terri Weifenbach, St. Catherine's Island, Georgia, USA, 04/15/16, Archival pigment print, 16x23", $3700

Terri Weifenbach, Lamont, Oklahoma, USA, 06/19/14, Archival pigment print, 23x16", $3700

Terri Weifenbach, Wheaton, Maryland, USA, 11/05/16, Archival pigment print, 23x16", $3700

Terri Weifenbach, Bozeman, Montana, USA, 07/24/14, Archival pigment print, 16x23", $3700

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Cloud Physics by Terri Weifenbach



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photo-eye Gallery is proud to represent Terri Weifenbach.

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