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From the Flat Files - A Natural Celebration

photo-eye Gallery From the Flat Files - A Natural Celebration Delaney Hoffman This week photo-eye Gallery is thrilled to present a selection of images that pay homage to the natural world and the creatures that inhabit it. In the spirit of Seeing Through Fire, we are reveling in these photographs based in landscape and invite you to do the same!
Brad Wilson, Barn Owl #1, Saint Louis, MO, 2012, Archival pigment print, 22x29", Edition of 15, $2000

Since partnering with artists Carl Moore and Patricia Galagan for our Seeing Through Fire fundraiser for disaster relief in New Mexico, we here at photo-eye have been extra grateful for the stunning images of the natural world that surround us in our space every day.

From Brad Wilson's stunning studio portraits of animals housed in conservancies to Tom Chambers' haunting, constructed compositions that engage in the continually shifting relationship between humans and our environment, our artists' perspectives and approaches are wide reaching, but they're all rooted in a deep reverence for the creatures and landforms that inhabit the world with us. 

With that sentiment in mind, we've curated a selection of photographs that are all available for view in our flat files that speak to how much we love our landscape. Check them out below, and don't forget that the Seeing Through Fire fundraiser runs through July 1, 2022!

The majority of proceeds from Seeing Through Fire will be donated to Santa Fe's Food Depot and Humane Society as both serve displaced humans and animals from around New Mexico!

Edward Bateman, Leaf No. 39c2, 2019, Archival pigment print, 20x20" in 28x28" mat, Edition of 7, $875

Tom Chambers, Burn to Shine, 2013 Archival pigment print, 20x20", Edition of 20, $1400

Chaco Terada, For the Anniversary, Sumi ink and pigment ink on silk, 9.5x7" image in 20x16" mat, Unique, $1800

Beth Moon, Black Crested Polish, Platinum/palladium print, 7.5x6", Edition of 9, $950

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Print costs are current up to the time of posting and are subject to change.

photo-eye Gallery is proud to represent Beth Moon, Chaco Terada, Tom Chambers and Brad Wilson. Edward Bateman is a Photographer's Showcase artist.

For more information, and to purchase prints from any artists mentioned above please contact Gallery Director Anne Kelly or Gallery Assistant Jovi Esquivel, or you may also call us at 505-988-5152 x202