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New Work & AI: The Whimsical Universe of Maggie Taylor

Maggie Taylor, Invitation to a Dream, 2022, Archival Pigment Print, 15x15", Edition of 15, $3,200

With great pleasure, photo-eye Gallery is delighted to introduce the latest collection of work by renowned artist Maggie Taylor, showcasing her unique style of photomontage! 

So sit back, relax, and allow yourself to be transported to the whimsical universe of Maggie Taylor...

Maggie Taylor, The Listening Room, 2022, Archival Pigment Print, 8x8", Edition of 15, $1,700

Maggie Taylor is a contemporary artist who explores the intersection of reality and imagination through her unique digital collages. As an innovative artist and early adopter of Adobe Photoshop, Taylor has taken her art to a new level by incorporating the latest technology into her works, combining elements made using the AI program, Midjourney with her traditional practice that blends vintage photographs and collected elements to create dreamlike scenes.

By using Midjourney, Taylor is able to bring her creative visions to life in a new way and the results are stunning. This group of images features an array of surreal and imaginative scenes, with intricate details and a rich color palette, each one more captivating than the last. These images are also a testament to the power of the artist in collaboration with AI and its ability to enhance the art world in new and exciting ways.

Anne Kelly, photo-eye's Gallery Director, queried Maggie Taylor about her utilization of AI programs in her artistic process. Given that Taylor was a Photoshop pioneer, Anne wanted to understand her thoughts on AI and how it compares to the early days of Photoshop.
I took a look at using the AI program Dall–E last summer. I love the idea of using language to generate imagery, so I was excited to try it out. Crafting the text that will create the image you envision is really difficult. Most of the time you get results that either disappoint or surprise you— and that can be a good thing. I always leave a lot of room in my working process for accidental encounters with the image. I do not start with a preconceived plan of what the finished image is going to be. So, working with some elements created by AI seems like a natural fit to me.

Initially, my biggest concern with the program was the small size of the images that the AI programs generate. I did not see that the quality of the images would be any better than a sketch of an idea for my work. Later on, last fall, I found out about Midjourney and started to create some images from text prompts with that program. I then have to use another program to upscale the images. Then in Photoshop, I use a lot of other layers and elements to build up the image. My newest four images all have at least one AI element in them. The image The Listening Room has quite a few things from different AI images.

When I photograph in the real world I am reacting to things that I see (clouds, art, textures, objects) and collect them with my cell phone camera. Using Midjourney I feel like a set designer or a film director coming up with a concept and trying to articulate it in such a way that it comes to fruition. Then, if I like something that is generated, I collect it– downloading it to a folder on my computer instead of clicking the shutter on my camera. 

Most of the AI elements I have put into my work are either portions of backgrounds or smaller items within the overall image. They are often semi-transparent so that other colors and textures are also visible on them or under them. It is kind of like building a doll house or a stage set and finding some of the items you need from different sources. 

In the early days of Photoshop, there was quite a bit of resistance on the part of galleries and collectors to the idea that a computer could be involved in the artist's process. I suppose AI is meeting even more resistance– and in some cases for good reason. issues of copyright, originality, and ownership are popping up all the time. It will be very interesting to see what transpires in the next 10 years with AI on so many fronts. 

Also in the earlier versions of Photoshop, there was not the fine–tuned control that there is today, and most computers did not have the capacity to produce huge images. The quality of the AI images is getting better with each new iteration of the technology.

Watch the video below to hear more about Maggie Taylor's process with photomontage...

Maggie Taylor, Sailors Delight, 2022, Archival Pigment Print, 15x15", Edition of 15, $3,200

Maggie Taylor, The Bird Watchers, 2022, Archival Pigment Print, 8x8", Edition of 15, $1,700

Maggie Taylor is an artist that lives on the edge of a sun-drenched prairie populated by cows, alligators, and birds on the outskirts of Gainsville, Florida. She was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1961, and moved to Florida when she was 11. Her childhood was spent watching countless hours of science fiction and sitcoms on television; in college, she received a philosophy degree from Yale University and a master's degree in photography from the University of Florida. 

Taylor's digital compositions have been widely exhibited, published, and collected by many museums. 

photo-eye Gallery is proud to represent artist Maggie Taylor.

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The prints from this series are Archival Pigment Prints 

8x8", Edition of 15, Starting at $1,700
15x15", Edition of 15, Starting at $3,200
22x22", Edition of 10, Starting at $5,000
36x36", Edition of 9, Starting at $9,000

(Select images are also available 48x48" as dye sublimation on aluminum for $12,000)
(Select images are also available 58x58" on paper for $15,000)


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