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New Work by Maggie Taylor!

photo-eye Gallery New Images by Artist Maggie Taylor! Jovi Esquivel photo-eye Gallery is thrilled to unveil a collection of five new images by represented artist, Maggie Taylor!

Maggie Taylor, The Next Big Adventure, Archival Pigment Print, 22x22", Edition of 10, $5,000

photo-eye Gallery is thrilled to unveil a collection of five new images 

by represented artist, Maggie Taylor!

Amidst the captivating ensemble of five images, one has deeply stirred my senses — The Next Big Adventure. This spellbinding tableau unveils a scene that is both curious and magical, inviting us to lose ourselves in its intricate tapestry of history and fantasy.

A young boy stands within an era-defying tableau. By his side, a canine companion adorned in whimsical 17th-century attire forms a charming pairing, sparking intrigue and igniting the imagination.

The foreground is dominated by a platform lavishly adorned in resplendent jacquard fabric, a touch of opulence that underlines the scene's grandeur. Upon this platform, his regal companion takes his seat. Yet, what truly captures the essence of this mesmerizing artwork is the juxtaposition it presents — an old wooden boat rests on one side of the platform, while the other is graced by the presence of the charming duo that stares back at the viewer. The interplay between past and present, of reality and the ethereal, infuse the piece with layers of meaning waiting to be unraveled.

As your gaze ventures beyond this intriguing tableau, the background unfolds a dreamlike tapestry reminiscent of a 17th-century masterpiece. Graceful sailboats adorn the bay, evoking a sense of timeless beauty, while a surreal and whimsical sky unfurls - a canvas of stars and a moon borrowed from the realm of dreams transport us. It's as though we're peering into a portal, catching a glimpse of the boy's very own fantasy world.

But what anchors us firmly in this captivating scene are the vibrant, red-tinted goggles, worn by both the boy and his four-legged companion. A visual thread connecting past and present, these goggles draw us back to the ornate tapestry in the foreground, weaving the elements of the image into a harmonious whole.

As you venture deeper into this collection of new images, each image will unravel another layer of Maggie Taylor's enigmatic vision, inviting you to wander through a landscape where reality and imagination entwine. 

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Maggie Taylor, The Gatekeeper, Archival Pigment Print, 15x15", Edition of 15, $3,200

Maggie Taylor, The Daydreamer, Archival Pigment Print, 15x15", Edition of 15, $3,200

Maggie Taylor, It's My Party, Archival Pigment Print, 15x15", Edition of 15, $3,200

Maggie Taylor, Welcome to the Water Planet, Archival Pigment Print, 8x8", Edition of 15, $1,700

photo-eye Gallery is proud to represent artist Maggie Taylor.

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The prints from this series are Archival Pigment Prints 

8x8", Edition of 15, Starting at $1,700
15x15", Edition of 15, Starting at $3,200
22x22", Edition of 10, Starting at $5,000
36x36", Edition of 9, Starting at $9,000

(Select images are also available 48x48" as dye sublimation on aluminum for $12,000)
(Select images are also available 58x58" on paper for $15,000)


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For more information, and to reserve one of these unique works, please contact
Gallery Director Anne Kelly or Gallery Assistant Jovi Esquivel.

You may also call us at (505) 988- 5152 x202

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